Sunday, March 27, 2011

In My Mailbox #23

Mailbox is a neat meme hosted by The Story Siren where we can celebrate some of the great books and treats we've received over the week. It doesn't matter if they were bought, sent through the mail or borrowed. It's a great opportunity to join in on the fun and share some of your "treasures" with everyone!!

To Review

Vampire Relationship Guide, Vol 1 by Evelyn LaFont
Daughter of Deception by Kara Thorpe
His Teddy Bear by Eve Langlais


Save My Soul by Zoe Winters


Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kiss of Time by Teal Ceagh

Buy of the Week

I saw this on the TV last week and fell completely in love with it. I remember seeing this with my parents growing up and being struck with how powerful the music and songs were. When my hubby turned it on, I was so excited but when I saw Ramin Karimloo singing, I was completely HOOKED. I think I've watched it already 10+ times and each viewing feels just like the first.

What's in your mailbox?


Shoshanah said...

I love Les Miserables! I have the soundtrack and love all the songs. Have you ever read the book? It's been years since I read it, actually back in high school, but I loved the book. If you love the musical, I'd definitely recommend reading the book if you haven't.

Jessica said...

Only 1 free book this week? ;)

Seems like you got so many the last few weeks! Happy Reading!

Here's my IMM

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Jessica@a GREAT read

BooksforCompany said...

lol l love that picture at the top. Enjoy your books

Krystal said...

This is a small week compared to some of the weeks of IMM I've seen over here!

Here's my IMM.

Happy Reading!

Heather said...

I like your mail box a lot better than mine, since mine seems to only cough up bills I can't afford to pay.

I saw this anniversary program a couple weeks ago whne it was on PBS, and have had the songs playing in my head ever since. It's one musical I have always wanted to see and of course now it is coming to town I can't afford the tickets. But I love the book (read the 1400 pg unabridged version in HS) and love the soundtrack. Enjoy your DVD and try not to burn it out too fast! ;)

Belinda said...

@Jessica - I've been so caught up in other things, I haven't had time to really search. I'm sure I picked up more but my memory is shot. I'm lucky to remember these LOL

@Shoshannah - You know what? I haven't read the book. Maybe I should. I just don't know when I'd find the time.

@BooksforCompany - thanks :) I definitely will!

@Krystal - Monies tight over here so not so many books. I've been off work with a foot injury so I'm trying to be frugal so we have bill money. It's rough walking into a bookstore and walking out empty handed. Being responsible sucks!

@Heather - you saw it too? Wasn't Ramin Karimloo AMAZING! I love the musical but I bought the DVD especially because he was in it. I can't get enough of him LOL The musical's coming close to where I live in June and so I'm saving to go. So far I have enough for one ticket. Pinching pennies for the rest :)

Thanks for coming by guys!