Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Your Swoon On - Maelstrom by Elisa Paige

I took a quick look at my blog just now and realized I hadn't begun this feature and it's almost fitting that the first swoon I share is from the book I only just finished an hour ago. I've chosen Maelstrom by Elisa Paige because honestly, the lead characters Amalie and Nick totally stole my heart. Nick... words fail trying to describe him because this is a man who once he gave his heart to Amalie, was there for her despite everything. Even when she disappeared, leaving him devastated, he searched the earth for her and never gave up hope to find her. Of course, as a vampire, he's sexily delicious and all the good stuff that comes with being fanged BUT there was so much more to Nick. So attentive, protective, devoted and focused on Amalie - he really did a number on my heart. There were a lot of wonderful scenes in the book but I loved the one I'm sharing  and that one sentence.. gave me tingles. hope you enjoy it  and that it makes you curious enough to check the book out *grins*

" My response does something to him and his kisses become more urgent. When he raises his face to gaze at me, his eyes are a blazing blue, so bright they look feverish. His lips curve into a smile that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen and i reach a fingertip to touch them. He does the same to mine, and without thinking, I open my mouth and catch his finger in my teeth. Nick's eyes widen and a velvet groan erupts from deep in his chest. These sensations, the intensity of my response to him, and how his need affects me carry me into unknown territory, and it's more than a little frightening. Still, this is Nick who holds me, whose hands are busy doing delightful things, whose mouth is hot and urgent on my sensitized skin. His touch, his heat, the simple fact that it's him, to feel his silken flesh over hard muscle and, without conscious thought, my hands roma the contours of his shoulders and down his back. He trembles at my touch. "Amalie, look at me." His voice has deepened to a new, stirring timbre. I open my eyes and his face is inches from mine. "This is all new to you, isn't it?"
My throat is oddly constricted, so I nod.
"To me, it feels like coming home." He smiles tenderly and lifts my hand to hold it to his cheek, turning his head a little and inhaling across my palm. I ache for you, Amalie. I want to feel your skin against me. I want to see your pleasure."
As he speaks, his other hand travels up from my waist and, when it cups my breast, I actually twitch at the intensity of my reaction."
A sinful smile curves his lips and he watches as I become lost to his touch."


Vamchoir said...

Re: Nick and "he did a number on my heart," guess we can now say he Nicked away at your heart. LOL.

Elisa Paige said...

Thanks so much for an awesome review!
- Elisa Paige