Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Wild Desire
Lori Brigton
Book Two in the Wild Series
Historical Romance
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First He Drove Her Mad
In what feels like a moment, Beatrice Edmund goes from being a proper lady cooped up in a stuffy Scottish castle to traveling miles from anything she's ever known, in the midst of the wildest adventure of her life. And at the center of that adventure is the most infuriating, puzzling scoundrel on earth. She cannot take her eyes off him.  
Then He Drove Her WildColin Fitch cannot deny he's drawn to Beatrice--but lust is all he could possibly feel for the sharp-tongued minx. Still, if there's a chance she can help him stop the madman he pursues, he must withstand her obvious disapproval. Yet withstanding the longing he feels for her is growing more troublesome by the second. . . And Colin has never been terribly good at staying out of trouble. . .

Trey - Red, Hot and Blue
Cat Johnson
Erotic Romance
Amazon - KINDLE
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A distracted soldier is a dead solder. That’s special operative Trey Williams’ motto. The last thing he needs in his life is a girlfriend. Problem is, the woman who’s been recruited to pose as his wife on a special assignment is proving to be exactly the kind of distraction he can’t afford.

Years ago, Carly McAfee turned her back not only on her military career, but the men who come with it. So why did she say yes to a mission that puts her in intimate contact with Trey, under 24/7 surveillance by both bad guys and good? One slip, and they’re both dead. It’s not long, though, before her body betrays her, followed closely by her heart. With a terrorist arms deal going down and missing teammate’s life on the line, Carly and Trey must throw caution to the wind in the scorching-hot performance of their lives—and try not to lose their hearts and minds in the process.  This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release. Warning: Contains bad men with big guns and video cameras, and an unmarried couple who need to get naked and get busy acting very married to save both their country and their lives.


Leetid said...

Thanks for the alert on this one - been wanting to read it since reading the first one.

WonderBunny said...

I picked up the first one but now that I'm looking at the cover, I have to wonder: did they photoshop that image so that her nipple didn't show? Maybe it wasn't really showing but I still wonder because it looks like her breast is ready to pop out of that dress. :)

BLHmistress said...

OH I snagged up Lori Brighton's Wild Desire I have wanted to read it badly

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