Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bookish Snob Welcomes Author Tami Jackson

I'm really excited to welcome author Tami Jackson to my blog today and cheeky me, I got her to talk a little about romance. For those who haven't had a chance to read her book, do yourself a favor and grab a copy. Ravena is the kind of character you can't help fall in love with and she'll have you laughing and crying alongside her as she deals with her life as a newly changed vampire. Enjoy the post and make sure you check out out Tami's fun website when you're finished... take it away Tami....

While I promised Belinda that I'd post about "love" today, as that emotion applies to my book, Ravena & The Resurrected (R&R), I must first clarify that, while the book does have some rather strong romantic elements to it -- it really fits the genres for metaphysical horror, action and drama, with bits of comic relief here and there. R&R is definitely not erotica. (I wouldn't want to mislead any potential readers.)

That admission aside, it's very difficult to talk about romance in R&R without offering spoilers, so I'll be very careful. What I can say is that this is a story about a young woman, one year out of college, whose attempting to address her bullied past by socially pursuing vampires. She's enamored with the idea of life after being resurrected because of all the power and beauty that vampires represent to her and, thanks to her ambitions, Ravena experiences moments of arousal and sexual longing after she meets certain night stalkers, one after another. Here's an excerpt:

He stared back at me through utterly beautiful eyes, which hinted of savagery and other lurid secrets, but his gentle manner seemed altruistic. I felt he empathized with me on the deepest of levels but could not comprehend how that could be possible.

When the book begins, Ravena's romantic experiences have been very limited and involved human men who revolted her (as conveyed by the sentiment in today's comic). Yet as the story progresses, the book takes on quite bit of romantically tense banter and more. In this next excerpt, it is forbidden for vampires to date werewolves, but Ravena cannot ignore the chemistry she feels for a particular man-wolf, who reminds her of Orlando Bloom, except he's much larger and more like Taurus the bull. She's met him secretively, in the woods, when this next scene takes place.

“What I have planned for you is very exotic. Trust me!” he said and I returned his kisses all the more eagerly.

Carrying me, he ran farther down the hillside as the trail wound around the oak and fir trees. Even with our lips entwined, groping the other's mouth, he was able to navigate down the trail before us and seemed to know, instinctively, where he was going.

Another dating scenario I can talk about, without fouling up the larger story, is to admit there's a brief sex scene (not too graphic) which explains why vampires typically choose only one mate. And when a clan elder confronts a vampire named Bevla about staring at the werewolves and cavorting with them too much, the accused replies: “Just because I’m of the royal blood line, it doesn’t mean I’m a celibate zombie!”

To Bevla's credit, the male vampires have not aggressively pursued her romantically, not like the werewolves do. In fact, the male vampires all seem to be dating someone else already and (pause for it) when a muscular werewolf is flexing his assets who can dare look away? Not Bevla! Her relationship with the werewolf progresses into a full-blown exclusive romance.

Perhaps an unforeseen type of "love story," that's mentioned in the book involves necROMANCErs (sic) wooing dead people from their graves. There are also other "love" elements when intimate emotional bonds form between vampire and human-feeder or just between friends. In this next excerpt, Ravena meets her first human-feeder (a person who volunteers to feed vampires her own blood in exchange for free room and board inside the mansion/lair).

“What is your name?” I asked when she thrust her wrist even closer to my mouth.

“Karissa,” she volunteered nonchalantly and I could hear her blood pulsing.

The hairy dude in the wife beater shirt picked up his chair and I watched him sit back down to resume playing cards. That’s when Karissa forced the anterior and palest side of her wrist into my mouth, pushing her delicate skin against my sharp but retracted fangs until she bled.

As my fangs elongated, I drank. The chemical reaction that I needed took over. I even drank deeply.

When Karissa’s eyes opened, just for a moment, I could see they had glossed over from the crapulence of pleasure. She chortled with a seemingly delirious little laugh.

The more I indulged in Karissa’s elixir, the more addictive she tasted and soon I began to feel I desperately needed more from this woman. Internally, I knew that I dared not drink more; not now. The clan would banish me if I bled her to death.

“Pull back,” yelled that voice from inside my head. “Stop now or your will kill her!”

“No,” she begged as I released my jaws. “Drink more.”

Thank you, Belinda, for hosting during my author tour and for allowing me to talk a little bit about attraction and love in Ravena & The Resurrected. Anyone desiring to see other details related to this book may follow the full blog tour by clicking here:

Thanks for coming by Tami *grins*


Lizzie's Blog said...

Ravina and the Resurrected sounds so good! I love the excerpts. I will definitely have to check it out!

sch_94 said...

Loved this book! And I agree - R&R had some romance, but it was definitely a lot more than a romance novel! :)

Vamchoir said...

Lizzie ~ I hope you do check it out. If you like it, and want to join the Ravena & The Resurrected club, then ask for friendship on Facebook and ask to join the club (I'll add you).
~ Tami (Vamchoir on Facebook)

Vamchoir said...

sch_94 ~ I'm so grateful to know you loved the book. Reader satisfaction really inspires me. :-D (Thank you for liking it.)