Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review - New Moon Rising by L.M. Pruitt

New Moon Rising
L.M. Pruitt
Urban Fantasy
Rating: Completely Seduced

Nothing ever happens in Selene, Georgia. The biggest events in the past ten years have been a wedding, a funeral and a bar fight. It's slow, sleepy, a little narrow-minded--but for Cari Gravier, it's home. Now things are starting to happen that nobody's seen before. Strange things in the woods, dead animals--and dead people. Cari's about to discover a whole new side to Selene. And a past that may come back to bite her

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AngelGoneMad said...

Haha now that I can see the cover more clearly (and not from your facebook image on my phone) it doesn't look anything like a sonogram LMFAO! OOPS! But when the image is tiny...

Naomi xoxo