Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Review - Master Of The Abyss by Cherise Sinclair

Master Of The Abyss
Cherise Sinclair
Book Two - Mountain Masters series
Erotic Romance - BDSM
Rating: Completely Seduced

On the mountain, the watcher seeks out evil women. And then they die. Two years ago, when Jake Hunt uncollared his slave, she committed suicide. Guilt-ridden, he will commit to a woman for one night only, devoting his energy to a mountain lodge that caters to a BDSM crowd. Kallie Masterson is tough. Unwanted as a child, she worked hard to become a wilderness guide. She’s proud of who she is, and hurt that Jake frowns on her for acting like a man. After rescuing the macho guide from a bar fight, Jake is stunned that the ugly men’s clothing hides a warm, responsive woman. A submissive woman. When guide business brings her to the lodge on BDSM night, and she is obviously aroused by the play, Jake takes the little sub right into his world of pain and pleasure. He warns her: one night only. But she responds so beautifully -- so joyously -- under his command, that one night soon becomes two, then three... Then a missing hiker reminds Jake of his past lover, and he realizes he’s become too involved. He pulls back. Meanwhile, the watcher on the mountain has rendered his verdict: Kallie Masterson is evil. The sentence: Death

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Redd said...

*shocked* YOU ALREADY READ THE BOOK?! *grumbles* Dayum...I shoulda paid attention...*grins* Going to go nab now! XD

Belinda said...

Where've you been girl? I ranted all over the place about it :)

Redd said...

*grins* xp