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Why I Love Reading Romance by Nikki Brandyberry

Hello everyone! I am so excited to get the opportunity to guest blog here today...I love this blog! This was one of the first blog I signed up on my Google reader, so to be asked to guest blog here...well....It blew me away. So, YAY! I'm excited! I will try and keep my enthusiasm to a minimum so I don't scare the followers here away :)

Recently I was asked why I read romance novels. This question has been posed to me many times by men and women alike. It's not a easy answer because I love so many aspects of the romance genre that I can't really narrow the answer down to something short and sweet. I also wouldn't give the same explanation to a man as I would a woman. There are just certain things you don't say when you're talking to a man. You know what I'm talking about..don't try and tell me you don't. For a man I'd simply say "I read romance to get me in the mood for sex". Simple. They like the explanation and they are on their way. But a woman, a woman likes something in depth. Something with emotional aspects. just sex doesn't work on the rest of us. With that in mind I'm going to go through some of the sub-classes of the romance genre and break down what I love about them and some of my favorites in each sub-class.

Contemporary Romance - This class is your basic romance. They take place in our current day and age and the characters interact like normal human beings. I enjoy contemporary romance because these are the things that could happen to each and every one of us. The situations are generally believable and placing yourself into the realm of the book isn't all that hard to imagine. The guys are sweet and romantic and make you say "awwwwwww" at every turn. The women have typical women problems and they make you want to slap them upside the head because they just don't see how beautiful they are, how wonderful the man is...yada yada yada. Here are my current favorites in the contemporary class:

Jill Shalvis is a must read for contemporary romance fans. The characters are vividly written and wildly funny. Shalvis does a perfect job of blending reality with romance.

Paranormal Romance - I think paranormal is my favorite class of romance right now. This is where anything and everything can and will happen. Vampires, werewolves, shifters and demons...oh my. Huge hulking pieces of man candy for me to drool over and dream about nightly. These are the men who defy all the odds to get to their woman and take on the nastiest of the nasty to defend their honor. *Sigh* I love me a alpha man and this is the genre you generally find those. You can also find completely kick ass heroines in this genre and that is also way cool. Now more woman skrieking in terror and expectng the hero to do everything...oh no, there are women in this genre who will kick your ass and take names later. My favorites currently are:

Romantic Suspense - Who doesn't have a thing for the men in blue? Cops, FBI and military romantic suspense books make up a HUGE hunk of the romance world. I have a big thing about men in uniform and this sub-class definitely gives this girl what she wants. These are the books that take you inside a drug operation, human trafficking ring or a serial killers mind.  These are generally dark and gritty romances that build throughout the entire book towards a exploding (hehe) finale. There are often times graphic fight scenes are well as blindingly hot love scenes. Gotta work off the adrenaline somehow right? Here are my picks for great romantic suspense books:

Historical Romance - I don't read a ton of historical romance and I will be the first to say as much. However the few I have read have taken me back to a world that was seemingly much simpler then today. I tend to not read a lot because often times the women are depicted as quiet, serviceable women. I like my women to have a mouth of them :) Every once in awhile though I need a book that can make me travel back, see the world as a different place. I find that in historicals. My historical picks are:

Urban Fantasy - These types of books are hard for me to define. They often incorporate elements that can be seen as paranormal or be on a spectrum completely different. You can have anything from dragons to a portrayal of a world not unlike our own with subtle differences. I think it is sometimes up to the author/reader which catagory they want to be put in and so with that idea in mind I am just going to throw out a couple of titles that *I* would classify as a urban fantasy.

Erotic Romance - These are hot and heavy up in your face romance books. Nothing is left to the imagination and everything is wrote in extremely graphic detail. These usually are shorter romances and the plot can vary in sub-genres. I have read them in pretty much every genre I've listed in fact. Some authors actually have a great plot within the erotic story and some fall victim to spending to much time writing the hot scenes and not enough time developing their characters. The mark of a good erotic book for me is one that will not only draw you in with the sex but a amazing plot to keep you coming back for the story as well as the sex. These books are NOT for everyone but for those who enjoy them here are my picks:

Young Adult - Yes, this is actually a sub class of romance in varying degrees. These are wrote typically for the ages 14-17 and obviously are very tame. There are chaste kisses and stolen glances and they take you back to a time when that was all you really wanted. When you started awakening to the adult inside of you and you blushes when a boy looked your way. I admittedly don't read a ton of young adult but there have been a few that caught my eye. Especially as of lately since I have been reading more then ever before. My choices are simply a mix of this YA genre that I have begun navigating.

So in a nutshell why do I read romance? I read it because I can. I read it because it takes me to a place where every woman wants to be. In the arms of a gorgeous man who is willing to fight for what is his. Where there are endless possibilities and good ALWAYS wins in one form or another. I read it because it allows me to feel, to cry and laugh along with the characters. I read it because I LOVE IT.

Thank you so much for allowing me to come and talk to everyone today! I had a ton of fun doing this! And hope each and every one of you go find a romance book that will make you as happy as they make me!

No, thank you Nikki. I really appreciate how helpful you've been and for putting this together. My TBR thanks you as well because I just fed it with some of your book recommendations.

 About Nikki

I am Nikki. Wife, mother, cleaner and worker extraordinaire. I reside in the extremely boring town of Massillon, Ohio. Where the school district cares more about whether you can hold a football then to how they score on tests. I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. I watch a lot of news..but not CNN or FOX…actual local news. I care about politics and religion but I won’t shove my opinions down your throat. However, when asked I will tell you exactly what I think, and in detail. Don’t ask if you don’t want to know. This page is a personal blog, book review blog and anything else I want to do with it. I am not a computer programmer, therefore not a pretty blog. Read away…. I enjoy reading romance, paranormal romance, erotica and the occasional young adult book. Though I am certainly not tied to just those. I am a beta reader and published book reviewer.

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A. Knight said...

Wow, what a fun post!
I was so entertained and I enjoyed every bit of this!

And I totally agree with a lot of what Nikki had to say. I'm a closet romance reader myself, and am a huge Nora Roberts fan, but when asked why I love reading romance by my friends/peers I don't know how to answer. Next time I'll go with what Nikki said. Because it's absolutely true.

Thanks for sharing! And I hope to read more posts like this.

Asher K. (Paranormal Indulgence)

LMW said...

Great post! Lots of fun! Is there anything better than romance?

Johanna R Jochum said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

What a fun answer to a question I'm always wondering..."What is it about romance anyway?" Fabulous! Thanks Nikki!

jackie b central texas said...

Hardest question on the planet to pin down an exact answer but you nailed it Nikki, "you read romance because you can and it takes you to a place where every woman wants to be".. Not so sure about everyone else but for me reading of any kind is a pure escape from real life, romance reading has some "extra perks" though that make it just a little extra "fun"!

Thanks for all the book examples Nikki, luckily own some of them already and the ones that I want are already on my ever growing wishing to read list!

nikkibrandyberry said...

*waving* Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by the post and thinaks to B for letting me take over for the day!

A. Knight - no closet readers! LOL..proudly announce you read smut..I sure do. My husband likes that I do as well *waggles eyebrows*

LMW - Well chocolate is a close second that's for sure :)

Johanna - Thanks for coming by! *MUAH*

Julie - I have TONS of reasons that I read romance at the tip of my tongue every time someone sees me with one :)

Jackie - Hi chica! Thanks for coming by! Escape from real life in a good book is pretty much what keeps me sane...and off street drugs LOL. Glad your pile is growing!

Belinda said...

I was definitely a closet reader. I remember being mortified one day when I was working out and a guy asked what I was reading. Without thinking I showed him the cover (gotta love the hunky man candy) and he just gave me this look. If I had a dime for everytime I was told I was reading porn, I'd be able to buy you all every book EVER printed and will be printed! Now I'm a little more relaxed and I say bring it on!

Thanks so much Nikki for coming today :) You were perfect!

Leetid said...

Good picks. I love historical, contemporary and erotica romances - always good books to lose yourself in.