Sunday, February 20, 2011

Torn Between Two Lovers - Which Team Would You Vote For?

With help from some Facebook buddies, I was thinking last night about some of the love triangles I've enjoyed reading about and who I'd pick, if I was in the heroines shoes. Some of them were no brainers, some influenced by TV and others so difficult that it made me sweat a little. So here's my question to you  - who would you vote for? Do stand firmly on the Team everyone roots for or is there something that makes you choose the underdog? Let me know in the comments, ok?

So let's get the obvious out of the way should we?

The Twilight Saga / Stephenie Meyer

When I first read the books, I was Team Edward ALL THE WAY. The Edward in my mind was stunningly beautiful and sensitive and Jacob didn't stand a chance. If I had to choose between which paranormal creature I loved the most, hands down it's the vampire. So all through the series, I was chanting Edward's name and laughing at Jacobs weak attempts to steal Bella from him. Then the movies were released and abruptly, with one glance at a painful kissing scene, I found myself firmly cheering for Team Jacob. Edward may be a vampire but unfortunately he will now forever be Robert Pattinson and with his fake, painted on abs, Taylor Lautner has one it for Jacob. So for this reader? TEAM JACOB!!

Mercy / Adam / Samuel
The Mercy Thompson series / Patricia Briggs

This choice was a little difficult because we are talking about two very strong, very alpha werewolves here that are incredibly sexy. Mercy has history with Samuel but you can't deny there's a powerful attraction between her and Adam. I know she's chosen Adam to be her mate (SQUEE) but did she chose right? *thinks for a second* oh heck yeah.... TEAM ADAM all the way!!

Anita / Jean Claude / Richard
The Anita Blake series / Laurell K. Hamilton

I loved this love triangle until the author killed it and turned it from a gritty dark urban fantasy into nothing short of porn. There was just something so appealing between the two men - one seductive, ruthless vampire and the other a masculine, heat generating werewolf. Both were sexy, both had the power to melt your insides and both loved her. Anita tried to have them all in a threesome which was too much for Richard so embittered he left. Clearly this was a case where she couldn't have her cake and eat it too. Would you ever choose power over love? Well she made her decision but for me ... I would have picked ... Hmmm my first instinct is to pick Jean Claude because he's a vampire and all that biting? *shivers* But in my opinion he becomes pussy whipped so that strength I loved about him.. not so much now. That leaves Richard and dang that man got pretty dominant and as Alpha - yum. But he got too "something" for me that was a huge turn off so who to pick.. who to pick? Hahaha I know... seeing Anita sleeps with ANYTHING with a piece of flesh between its legs.. I'll hold my judgment and pick then. Yep that's what I'll do *grins*

The Vampire Diaries / L.J. Smith

This threesome would have to be one of my FAVORITES.  Honestly, I really enjoyed the books and I was Team Stefan 100% heart and soul BUT one look at Ian Somerhalder on the TV series... and I had Team Damon tattooed on my body. Granted it was a long time ago, but even though Damon was a bad boy, and heaven knows I'm a glutton for them, Stefan was just this huge character for me and I rooted for him through all the book I read. I thought he was perfect for Elena and that they should live happily ever after. Then came the TV series and Damon stole my heart. He is just so tortured and conflicted, so snarky and positively swoonworthy. I literally find myself glued to the TV screen panting and drooling for the hour the show is on. Stefan may be "the better man" but Damon deserves a shot at happiness and he deserves to win the girl. So TEAM DAMON, TEAM DAMON, TEAM DAMON!!

Phury / Bella / Zsadist
The Black Dagger Brotherhood / JR Ward

Lover Unawakened is probably my favorite of the series so far and the love triangle between these three characters for me, got pretty intense. The Brothers are so hardcore and in your face Alpha, I couldn't imagine what it must have felt like to have them zero their attentions on my. Both men were incredible in their own ways, both able to bring something to the relationship that would have you falling deeply in love. Such a temptation but who would you choose. Sorry Phury, but this one was a really simple choice - TEAM ZSADIST in a heartbeat. I have it BAD for the tortured bad boy and Zsadist is the poster child for them. Even now my heart is racing as I think back over the story *deep sigh*

Jolie / Rand / Sinjin
The Jolie Wilkins series / H.P. Mallory

If you haven't had a chance to read this series, I'd hop to it because this is one heck of a delicious triangle. Jolie finds herself falling deeply in love with Rand, a powerful warlock but who should also show up on the scene but wicked Sinjin, a vampire who for me is temptation personified. Rand loves her but won't commit and Sinjin would give his right fang to have Jolie to himself. Both men vie for her affections and it's all so very thrilling. Who would I pick? This is painful because both men are amazing and get my heart racing. I go back and forth with them - Team Sinjin ... Team Rand ... and then back to Team Sinjin. If my body chose it would be Team Sinjin but my heart? Team Rand most definitely. I'm still on the fence with this one. Any advice?

Sookie / Bill / Eric
The Sookie Stackhouse series / Charlaine Harris

Here's a case of where turning a book into a TV series isn't a good thing. I love this series and although I was a big fan of Bill, the moment I saw Eric and his bad boy attitude I started thinking "Hmmmm I like this guy better" When Eric lost his memory and we saw the soft, gentle side of him, I ripped up my Bill For Sookie card and signed up for Team Eric. Sookie needs a strong vampire in her life, one she can count on and the Viking? Perfect. But when I stomached my way through the first 5 episodes of True Blood (I couldn't bring myself to go further) one look at both Bill and Eric and I switched to Team Alcide (I'd seen a photo of the hottie playing him online) Bill looks gaunt and like he's a breath away from wasting away and Eric just doesn't look appealing. Neither floated my boat and had me tingling BUT if I HAD to chose and I could keep my eyes closed so I wouldn't have to look at them? TEAM ERIC!

Mac / Barrons / V'lane
The Fever Series / Karen M. Moning

What love triangle post would be complete without mentioning this threesome. Talk about HOT! Mac finds herself surrounded by a Fae prince who would love nothing more than to ravish her and give her countless hours of sexual pleasure and a mysterious and broody book store owner (we know he's so much more though) who is incredibly possessive and oozes enough sexual tension to choke on. I could go on and on but really, this is a no brainer because without a doubt, no thinking required, it'll be the same choice to the end of time I'd choose TEAM BARRONS. Sorry V'lane you may think you'd rock my world but Barrons he'd rock my existence. Mac is one VERY lucky girl!

So who would you vote for?
Any other love triangles ?


Ladybug07999 said...

Ok . . Bella/Edward/Jacob, I do not like smelly wet dog . . So, I'll go with sparkle boy.

Jolie/Rand/Sinjin . . I would pick Sinjin.

The other stories I haven't read as of yet.

Belinda said...

hahaha Steph you crack me up! Sparkle boy *giggles* I guess you better start reading because you're missing out!

Alyssa (The Lit Express) said...

I'm totally Team Jacob. He's just so much better!

Mercy definitely made the right choice with Adam. He's so PERFECT!

Team Eric for Sookie (this needs no explanation).

And Team Damon for Elena!

Haha I agree with you on all of them, I guess.

Generally, I tend to root for the "bad boy." Because they're usually not bad, they're "misunderstood." There are some exceptions, of course. I guess it just depends on the female main character.

BLHmistress said...

Ok Here I go lol

Team Edward just I can't stop loving the vamp :).

Team Zsadist because I love the bad boy- though I love Phury too ugh tough choice lol.

Team Eric- 'sigh' I love that Norwegian vamp

BLHmistress said...

Oh and I got another award for you :)

Here's Your Award

YA Vampire Books said...

I was Team Edward while reading the Twilight books too, but the movies made me switch to Team JACOB!

Definitely Team Damon in The Vampire Diaries (the tv show is soo much better than the books btw)

And also Team Eric in the Sookie books and in the tv series :)

Anna said...

I always just fall for the guy that I fall in love with more, no matter if he's the destined lead guy or the underdog. For Twilight, Jacob all the way! The movie and Taylor's acting has made me a permanent Jacob fan. :D And there is no doubt I choose Z in the BDB love triangle! He and Bella are perfect together and he is such an amazing character, I love him. Oh, the triangle in the Hunger Games series is another favorite of mine. Peeta is so perfect, Katniss is so lucky to have a guy like him!

Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

I'm a werewolf/shifter fangirl, so I'd choose Jacob for Bella and Alcide for Sookie. If I had to choose a vamp for Sookie, it would be Eric all the way!!

Diana @ Book of Secrets

jackie b central texas said...

I would vote for Mercy/Adam/Samuel except having read the last book in the series I know Sam is no longer part of the threesome as he has his own love interest now... However out of all of the picks would love to see the Damon/Elena/Stefan debacle come to a head on Vampire Diaries, in the books it more or less does in the show so far not so much!

You forgot one though Belinda, an oldie but a goodie with Jamie/Clare and Frank... I have to mention Gabaldons threesome because it was a time travel masterpiece, 2 husbands centuries apart qualifies that triangle as "timeless" and for me priceless as well...

Vamchoir said...

I was team Jacob all the way until book four where Stephenie Meyers turned the muscular shape-shifter into a Pedophile wannabe ... where he vows to never have sex until infant Reneseme would have it with him. WTHeck? (Lost my appetite for those books then. Seriously.)

Nobody has magical eyes as much as Damon ... there's no competition.

In regards to True Blood? Eric has my vote. That vampire is just delicious.

jackie b central texas said...

Okay as far as choosing I forgot to pick the ONE didn't I?

Adam for Mercy, Jacob for Bella, Damon for Elena, Jean Claude for Anita (unless you add Nathaniel into the mix), Barrons for Mac, and for my triangle Jamie for Claire... The rest have not read so cannot pair them up...

April said...

Nice picks!

Since it's fiction, I often wish the people in these love triangles would all just hook up.

In the case of Anita, I definitely would have preferred her just picking two guys instead of the entire male supernatural population of St. Louis.

Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I am team Jacob all the way. However,I just want to point out that I did not like the fourth book in the series because I thought it was gross. However, until then TEAM JACOB!

As for the Sookie Stackhouse love triangle...I think we are missing the other 5 million options. I wasn't too impressed with Bill or Eric but if I had to choose between the two. I would be team BILL in the books and team ERIC for True Blood. It's the only way to do it.

Crystal ♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crystal ♥ said...

LoL, I was like WTF with the painted on abs too. Props to Jacob for having the real deal, a little young but that boy if finnnnee.
But still, team Edward!

I never liked Richard so I am team Jean Claude I guess, though I really love Micah and wish Anita would cool it with the orgy parties and settle with him. I agree that it's getting a bit much.


Okay *ducks* I was never a Zsadist or Phury fan but between them I would go with Z.
Now, I would like a love triangle myself with V & Rehv. Throw in some Qhuinn for good measure. ;)*sigh* huh, what? Oh sorry, my mind wondered for a bit. ;)

TEAM ERIC!!! I don't usually go for blondes but I'd take that big sexy viking any day!
BUT, I would much rather have the Alcide option or Quinn.

And yeah, Team Barrons, did you really have to ask? LoL

Haven't read the Mercy Thompson series or H.P. Mallory yet though they're on my list.

titustwowife said...

Team Edward, Rand, Barrons, Knightly and Ian (from the Host) but above all men my heart belongs mainly to Darcy...sigh..

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