Thursday, February 3, 2011

Romance With A Heavy Dollop Of History

One of my FAVE types of romance to read is historical because for those brief moments, I get to go back in time and be part of something totally different from my life. I get to see a different culture, a different way of life and for me, I would much rather learn history this way than reading a boring text book. Historical romances come alive in my mind and I love the feeling of being transported to some of my favorite places - the Scottish Highlands and the many faces of England. I love witnessing how relationships developed during those times with all the civility and propriety and nothing gets me overheated faster that reading of those warriors who wield their swords with authority. I went through my library and here are some of the books I've read that jumped out and have really left a mark. Maybe you'll see something that interests you. I'd definitely recommend them...

So here are some of the books I've LOVED and read over and over and over again. I'm suree you'll notice alot of these are HIGHLANDER books..what can I say I'm a woman of many weaknesses and one of them is of fine strapping warriors in plaid.

Karen Moning's Highlander series is a MUST read. I've had
many the late night fantasy of Dageus and Adam *blush*

This series is FILLED with hot sexy Highlanders who
time travel. I loved the story lines and that they each
get paired with feisty women. 

 GREAT series filled with actions and sweet loving.
I spent alot of time sighing when I was reading them.

Don't let the covers distract you, I couldn't stop reading when
I began this series. I loved the characters and how easy
it was to get caught up in the drama of it all.

Oh I was TOTALLY into this series and fell deeply in love
with each of the heroes. The women were feisty and funny. There
was one scene where one of the heroines was asking for some lube
because oh no! it was stuck and it wouldn't come out *grins* LOVED IT.

Here are a few other books I've loved. If you ever want to read
a book with Celtic history set in a Roman Briton. you HAVE to
read the Dalraida Trilogy - White Mare and Dawn Stag. Absolutely
breathtaking! They all are :)


BLHmistress said...

I am in the middle of reading Brenda Joyce's Master of Time series and 'sigh' yes they are so smexy. My faves so far Royce and Aidan (I do like Malcolm too)I am reading Guy and Tabby now.

I am going to get Monica McCarty soon.

Redd said...

I am soooooo with you there.. I have a whole listing of highlander novels to read and a slew of Lisa Kleypas as well waiting on me.

But I'm kinda in a uf bug right now, but I feel ya, girl! :)

Leetid said...

I love historical romances as well! Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn are my favourites.

I will have to check out the other authors you mentioned as I am always on the look out for more to read and explore.

Kate said...

I agree, I love historical romances and also love to learn my history from a book I want to read and not always a dull old history books. Not that all history books are dull but it's nice to learn things through a book like a romance, it's kind of a surprise when you read that stuff. Great books! I'll be spending a lot of time adding these books to my TBR list on goodreads! Thanks for the recomendations Belinda!

Aislynn said...

I totally agree, how could you not love historicals?! I think 99.99% of my books are historicals. One of my fave authors is Bertrice Small, I have all her books. I love Julia Quinn, Candace Camp, Victoria Alexander, Brenda Joyce ... the list could go on!

Heather said...

What, no Jahanna Lindsey, Catherine Coulter or Elizabeth Lowell? Tsk, tsk...
; )

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