Sunday, February 6, 2011

Romance So Hot, It Scorches Your Fingertips...

One of the things I love most about the romance genre is that it has something for everyone and that depending on what you're in the mood for, you can find something that will have you melting and swooning. For those times when you want some fire and need a little "down and dirty" kind of action - erotica is incredibly appealing because it more than delivers. In my opinion, what sets erotica apart from regular romance is that it places more focus on those bedroom acts, going into greater detail and depth than you'd normally see. It's also the kind of romance that has a real strong "kink" factor. It's more adventurous and open to the exploration of sexuality and it has a very "no holds barred" approach to sex scenes. With erotica you can go from detailed sex to multiple partners to bdsm and more - the possibilities are endless. Of course, you'll find that there are different styles in the writing which are all based on where your tastes lie. You'll find sensuality and you'll find in your face pounding. Just know however, that erotica is not code for porn. The emotions and story lines are just as intense and passionate, giving you the same experience as other romance novels. You just "see" more of the characters *blushes* Alot more and sometimes *wicked grin* that's a good thing. I'm pretty new to erotica (it's taken a while for me to get comfortable with it) so I only have a few recommendations of books I've enjoyed. I will however, share some of the books have sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read. For those reading who enjoy erotica, please feel free to share any books you've loved...

If you're like me and are an erotica virgin, there's no better way to dive in than to read something by Eve Langlais. The books above are only a few of what she's written and are the ones I've either read already or have on Kindle waiting. I love Eve's style of writing - it's very fun and flirty one moment, intense and passionate the next. She's incredibly tasteful when it comes to her sex scenes, mixing the right amount of heat with descriptions and although I find myself blushing, they're pretty arousing and you'll need to take care you don't implode from overheating. It's really funny too because I'll be thinking "Hmm I'm curious about what a menage book would be like" and Eve releases one. I've been wanting to take a wee glimpse at bdsm themes and sure enough, Eve just released Last Minion Standing and I'm itching to read it. I love that I get the heat and I get the shock but it still fits in my comfort zone so I'd recommend it all readers - those who already read erotica and especially those that are waiting to start exploring it.

To read my review of Lucifer's Daughter, click HERE
To read my review of Snowballs In Hell, click HERE

I am completely addicted to everything this author writes. Stacey Kennedy writes both paranormal romance, urban fantasy and erotica and they all have one thing in common - they are crammed packed, stuffed to overflowing with emotion and intensity. There hasn't been a book of hers that I haven't walked away from the same because each experience has moved me, changed me and given me such a thrilling roller coaster ride of emotions. Her characters are real, easy to connect with and generate smoldering heat that it sends sparks flying off the pages. The books above are from the Watchers series and Special Agent Fang series (this book is due to be released March 2011) A Deadly Whisper was so much fun to read and Whispers of Evil blew me away, it was such a powerful read to me. The thing I love most about Stacey's style is that she is BIG on sensuality. HUGE on it so don't expect to find any trash in her books. She's an author to keep an eye on because I see her exploding the more people read her. She's my favorite kind of author as well - one who is always writing which means no forever waits between releases.

To read my review on A Deadly Whisper, click HERE

Ok so what do I have on my Kindle?

I'm still exploring this form of romance so wish me luck. I have a rough idea of what I like and don't like, where my comfort level is so hopefully the books I've chosen are good experiences. If not, oh well right? Move on to something else and give it a try...

Regular Erotica

Reading Between The Lines by Lauren Dane
Black Angel by Rebecca Goings
Artic Winds by Sondrae Bennett
Shadow of a Wolf by Robyn Wren

Multiple Partners

Wicked Sexy by R.G. Alexander
Breaking Leather by Delilah Devlin
Hara's Legacy by Bianca D'Arc


Roped In by Sindra van Yssel
Rough Cut by Mari Carr
Dear Sir, I'm Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart

(I've gotten recommends to for those new to the theme, to try out Cherise Sinclair)

Happy Exploring!
Happy Reading!


Leetid said...

I have been reading erotica for years and worked what I like but still not to comfortable with strong BDSM yet, I don't mind the subtle ones as they are more comfortable to read.

Some of the authors I like are Annmaire McKenna and Maya Banks. I have also just discovered Ava Meyers and Jayne Rylon who are new authors and made a explosive start to their careers.

I am going to check out some of the authors you mentioned as well.

Eve Langlais said...

Okay stumbled on this and just about fell off my chair. Thanks for enjoying my work. I'm glad I'm hitting the right spots with you
Eve :)

BLHmistress said...

I love Stacey too, I still got to read the other books yet but I adored The Willow.

I have both Lucifer's Daughter and Snowballs ready to be read. I can't wait to read them.

Belinda said...

Leetid - I'll definitely check those authors out. Thanks :) I'm with you on the BDSM. There's a certain act that makes me squirm that's featured alot in those books and so it makes me a little hesitant. I've been asking around for recommendations to lighter stuff so we'll see how that goes.

Eve - No problem :) I mean it too. You've been the perfect author to get me started in erotica. I remember when I went to read Lucifer's Daughter I paused a little because I saw it was erotica but straight away your writing style relaxed me, the humor of Muriel pulled me and the passion between her and Auric WOW!

BLH - Let me know how you like both the authors. They're both automatic reads for me now :) In fact I have a whole bunch of Eve's sitting on my Kindle begging to be read. Might be a plan to actually get offline and read, right? LOL Enjoy the books!

BLHmistress said...

I already know I love her , oh here is one for you Tina Folsom she is amazing too omg I have read two of hers - now they are quiet graphic just so you know but amazing. The two of her's I read are Gabriel's Mate and A Touch of Greek.

I will let you know what I think of Lucifer's Daughter and Snowballs

Stacey is an automatic buy for me as well I just need to get the others in the Magical Sword series as well as her blue bloods

Derna said...

RG Alexander is one of my auto-buy authors. My fav is her Children of the Goddess series. (Also love that her books don't have cringe-worthy covers!) Another author whose books are beautifully dark and sexy is Sunny. She's written the Monére Novels and the Demon Princess Chronicles (and again - no cringe-worthy fact they're the most beautiful I've ever seen in the erotica genre).

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