Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Romance Website - Heroes and Heartbreakers.com

There's a new romance site in town and it is FABULOUS. I received an email the other day telling me about it and I instantly bookmarked it because one look at some of the fun articles and I was HOOKED. Any site that focuses on reading romance and all the deliciousness that comes with it is perfect for reading, right? So here's the blurb I found over there that introduces what Heroes And Heartbreakers is all about...

Heroes and Heartbreakers is a community website featuring daily content for serious fans of the romance genre in all of its forms.  Not everyone can understand the desire to argue for thirty minutes about Dain vs. Derek, to challenge the casting for the latest Jane Austen movie, or to debate whether the True Blood love triangle worked better on paper or on TV.

Heroes and Heartbreakers understands the woot! and the squee! of all of that.  Add in the original short stories and excerpts from upcoming romance novels, and it’s like a romance enthusiast’s paradise (the kind with extremely attractive men bringing you umbrella drinks).

Like our science fiction/fantasy sister site, Tor.com, we are publisher-neutral in our selection of books, authors and materials for coverage and discussion. We don’t play favorites because we think a real romance community site should be all-inclusive.  You don’t want to miss a thing, and neither do we.

Discover something new, share your thoughts… Obsess with us.

Want a taste of what you can expect each time you visit? Keep readin then....

You'll find book excerpts, blog posts and giveaways as well as a great sense of community. Here are snippets from some of the articles already posted-

Never Too Much? When To Stop a Paranormal Series
Natasha Carty

There are so many Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy series we readers can’t seem to get enough of. We rush to the stores on release day; then we rock back-and-forth until the next release. When you get deeply involved in a series, you feel like you really know  the characters and want their series to continue forever. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters, Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake and Kim Harrison’s Hollows are three such series that have been going on for awhile and show no signs of stopping.

To read more, click HERE

 I (Don't) Heart You : Carnation Hate Mail
Stephanie Treanor

Here we are again. February 14th, and every drug store is puking pink, red, and chocolate. Where, you ask, does my overwhelming hatred of this greeting card-inspired holiday come from? Middle school. Let's all take a journey back in time. Valentine's Day, as a young child, was always fun. The day began with a pink dress and stacks of valentine cards in your backpack. The school activity involved decorating your cards and distributing your sparkle-tastrophe to everyone in the class....

To read more, click HERE

To Die For : Gifts For Your Vampire Lover
Natasha Carty

Whether it's Valentine's Day or any other gift-giving time, what kind of gift would you give to someone who is basically immortal?! You think buying a gift for your mother is hard, try buying something for someone who has seen it all and lived through it! I think the shopping list for your vampire sweetie would be the easiest of the paranormals. Why? Because you have a huge verity of things to buy for your fanged lover! From vampire wines to casket couches, I’ve found it all so you can gift your immortal with something special!

To read, click HERE

Please, Mr Postman: Love Letters In Romance Novels
Cheryl Sneed

In this day of instant communication, of text-speak—“bff” and “b4” and “w8 4 me”—many have forgotten the joys of writing and receiving  letters. There is something about finding the exact, correct word that conveys perfectly what you are feeling and experiencing, then writing it down on a piece of paper—not onto a computer screen and pressing ‘send.’ But even better than writing letters is receiving them. The anticipation when an envelope is placed in your hands—the letter could contain anything; it might make you laugh or cry, it might change your life.

To read more, click HERE


Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale said...

I love hero's and heartbreakers too! Great site! thanks for showing the love

Belinda said...

There's so much to read over there. I'm definitely going to be a lurker over there :)