Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marcia McClure And Her Infamous Kisses

 If I had a dollar for every time someone told me how AMAZING the kisses were in Marcia McClure's books, I would have enough money to quit my job and live a life of luxury - for 5 lifetimes. Marcia is FAMOUS for her kisses and I know when I have a new book in my hand, my first thought is always "Oooh I wonder what kind of kiss she'll include in this one" They are that good that I think they should make it standard practice for all men to read so when they take us in their arms and pull us close, they kiss like studs and no duds !! (sorry I have to giggle because I just got this image of a woman pushing her man away and hitting him in the chest with a Marcia book. "Read this and then come find me") I could go on and one in an endless gush but I think that the proofs in the pudding so here's some examples... pucker up everyone.

**Disclaimer - these are just BRIEF glimpses of the kisses found in each book**

"Oh, don't you get shy on me now." he mumbled. His hands at her waist, he pushed her back against the wall, trailing several moist lingering kisses over the throat. Poppy's breathing literally stopped for a moment - she could not believe the affect he was having on her - and so instantly! .....
.... when he paused, looking down at her with his warm-syrup eyes and asking "Are you done with me already?" Poppy heard herself answer, "No"
Swaggart smiled his dazzling smile, his eyes twinkling with satisfaction as he said, "Good -'cause I'm not finished with you either - and I just happen to have a few hours of free time on my hands just now."

- Kissing Cousins / pg 67

"Do you want me to kiss ya, Vaden? I mean, kiss ya the way I didn't on those other occasions? There are so many different ways to kiss a woman. The way I kissed ya the first time, that was a teaching kiss - a kiss to prove somethin'. The way I kissed ya the second time. Now that .. and I'll say it to ya plain..was a kiss from a man who had been tempted physically by a girl he.."
Vaden opened her mouth to speak, to try to deter him, but no sound escaped her lips.
"Those other occasions were different. Forced somehow, I guess. I couldn't possibly have done a good job of it either time before, but look at me now - the fire burnin' warm, nobody around for miles. So.. you just give me the chance, Vaden Valmont, and I'll kiss you like I didn't have time to before"

- Visions Of Ransom Lake / pg 195

"Genieva felt her heart begin to race wildly as  Brevan looked at her, grinning and winking. "I see ya've been into Brenna's strawberry jam again," he said, placing a hand on either side of Genieva - forcing her to lean back against the sink.
Self consciously licking one corner of her mouth, Genieva admitted, "Yes". As Brevan slowly leaned closer to her, she whispered,"Brevan?"
"Ya've missed a dab there, Genieva," he mumbled as his mouth descended upon the opposite corner of her own. As a reflex, her hands went to his shoulders. She pushed gently at him, but he was undaunted. Genieva's heart began to hammer furiously within her chest as his mouth affixed moist, teasing kisses to the particular area of her face. Raising his head form hers for a moment, he ceremoniously moistened his lips and moaned, "Mmmmmmm. My mistake, Genieva. 'Tis the cherry jelly ya've been into"

- The Heavenly Surrender / pg 147

"Again Reb caressed her lips with one thumb as he asked. "But which kiss do ya think she wants? Which kiss do you want, Sage?" He kissed her cheek lightly. "This one?" He kissed her lips softly. "This one?" He pressed his lips to the sensitive flesh of her neck asking, "This one?" He looked at her then, his eyes narrowing, his thumb traveling over her lips.
Sage could endure his taunting no longer. Reaching up, she took his face in her hands, pulling his head toward hers, as she said, "This one." a moment before taking his mouth with hers."

- The Touch Of Sage / pg 136

"You lie, Miss Shea," he breathed in a low whisper, his breath warm and enticing on her lips. His head bent and he placed a lingering kiss on the shoulder that he'd only moments before caressed with his powerful hand. "So I confess it to you now, Cassidy." He kissed her neck lightly several times and Cassidy's mind begged inwardly for his mouth to find her own. "I confess that it is a torture to me to have you walk into  a room and have to restrain my touching you ... to have you sleeping across the hall, in your own bed. When betrothal leaves... makes way for marriage between us .. it will be no dismal chore to take you into mine, Cassidy...Bliss."

- Shackles Of Honor / pg 185

"His kiss lingered upon her lower lip - lingered against her upper lip. She was near crying out for want of his mouth full pressed to hers. He whispered then, "A shared kiss is required, Fairs - if you wish to be free of me."
Instantly, his mouth captured hers, coaxing her lips to part. Faris melted against him, her resolve to resist in returning his kiss utterly vanquished as passion caught flame and smoldered between them ...
His rough whiskers assaulted the flesh about her mouth. His strong hands caressed her arms, tightened about her waist, wove fingers in her hair.
"Will you not touch me, Faris? Will you not embrace me?" he asked in a whisper. "Will you not let me feel the warmth of your full self in returning our kiss?"

- The Highwayman Of Tanglewood / pg 235


Rie Conley said...

Geez, that is some good kissin!

LenaM said...

aaaahhhhh I must go read all her books again...I LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful her books are!!!!

LenaM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Redd said...

Oh Belinda...You are going to ruin me! *grins* But what a lovely thing to be messed up on...*sighs*

Kisses can be so romantic..and I with only a smidge of it who never paid any attention to the kisses within a book will definitely be willing to be ruined for it. =)

You have definitely enlarged my tbrlist! XD

Leetid said...

I think I will have to check out her books.

LMW said...

I have done nothing for DAYS now because I've been involved in a Marcia kissing fest marathon. One book right after the other! I can't stop! Help! "Hi! I'm Lacey and I'm a Marciaholic!"

Belinda said...

Marcia is my go to gal for all this kissing. If you want a hot make out session, you need to read "Kissing Cousins" and be introduced to the sexy as heck world of Swaggart! Just like his name suggests, he has oodles of SWAGGER! Each time I read the book, I have this insane desire to go searching italian restaurants looking for him. I can totally clear my schedule if it means a 2-3 hour kissathon up against kitchen appliances LOL

marcialynnmcclure said...

Boom Chick-a Wah wah! I LOVE this post! AND thank you for the great comments! And you know the little trivia story about Kissing faux pas on the shirt thing? It's about to be corrected in the printed version of the book due out at the end of the month! Hallelujah! Thanks for being so wonderful to me! said...

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