Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kissing Makes Its Appearance At The PassionPalooza

I'm a self proclaimed kissing whore *giggles* What I mean is that one of the things that gets me my most excited when reading romance is those moments where the hero pulls the woman he loves into his arms and plants a big HOT wet kiss on her. If you sat and watched me while I read, you would know pretty quickly when I caught up in a kissing frenzy because I have that misted over gaze, goofy grin, liquid bones and I'm dangerously close to dissolving in a puddle. That and I also give my husband a heated look. I'm a constant source of amusement to the people I work with - one field trip I was reading Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews and let out this EXTREMELY loud sigh and almost slide of my chair as I sank into it. "What's wrong Belinda?" came a concerned query. "Oh nothing Curran just kissed Kate and my gosh it was HOT" The reply? A snort and "OMGSH Belinda is that all?" So where am I going with all this? Oh yeah... I've decided to dedicate the next TWO days to kissing  so make sure you keep checking in because I have a few fun posts and I'll be sharing some of my fave kisses . Talking about that, here's something to kick start the day ....

" He reached out for her and cupped her cheeks in his strong hands. Grace couldn't move. All she could do was let him tilt her head up until she looked into those penetrating eyes she was sure would read her soul. They hypnotized her like those of a deadly predator lulling its prey. She quivered in his embrace. Then, hot, demanding lips covered her own. Grace moaned in response. She'd heard all her life about kisses that made women weak in their knees, but this was the first time she'd ever experienced one. Oh, but he felt good, smelled good, and he tasted even better"


Redd said...

Okies...*you* I definitely need to hang around. *grins* Iono why, I read Magic Bleeds as well and I distinctly remembered 'the kiss'but it didn't sink in with me as it did for you.

But then I think my romantic bone has shrunk considerably. LOL! *palmsmackforehead* I'll wake up eventually!! *grins*

And I oh so love your lil smidget there from Fantasy Lover. =)

Krista West said...

I am reading Magic Bleeds (#4, right???) and dang it, they had better kiss! After hot tub scene in #3!!!

Leetid said...

Oh this is going to be fun!!!

Kissing scenes are the best.

Belinda said...

Well Redd.. stick around me and you'll have an overlarged, overused romantic bone because I'm constantly drowning myself in it! I'm surprised I get anything else done. I have a HUGE thing for Curran and so I was positively PANTING in that scene. Actually any scene he's in I pant. LOL *groans* I sound like a horn dog don't I?

You know what I'm going to throw in a kiss by Acheron... *starts thinking* I see myself spending the rest of the month focused solely on book kisses LOL

Krista West said...

Read the scene. DEAR God, you are right. I think Curran might even trump Barrons for me at this point and that is saying something. he passes up Bones in Book 2. Yeah, totally in love.

Alexa said...

oh I love Fantasy Lover thanks for the refresher :)

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