Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #9 - Jerricho and Mac, the Fever series

 "He swapped the fistful of my shirt for one in my hair, and ground his mouth against mine. I exploded. I shoved at him, and clawed him closer. he shoved me back, and yanked me tighter to his body. I pulled his hair. He pulled mine. He didn't fight fair. Actually, he fought exactly fair. he didn't extend courtesies, not a single one. I but his lip. He tripped me and pushed me down to the stone floor of the cavern. I punched him. He straddled me. i ripped his shirt down the front, left it hanging in tatters from his shoulders.
"I liked that shirt," he snarled. He rose over me, a dark demon, glistening in the torchlight, dripping sweat and blood, his torso covered with tattoos that disappeared beneath his waistband. He grabbed the hem of my shirt, tore it straight up to my neck, and inhaled sharply. I punched him. If he punched me back, i was past feeling it. His mouth was on mine again, the hot silk of his tongue , the sharp, deliberate abrasion of his teeth, the exchange of breath and the small, desperate sounds of need. 
A tsunami of lust - no doubt amplified by the Fae in my blood - crashed into me, knocking me from my feets, and dragging me out to a dangerous seat. There was no lifeboat here in these deep, killing waters, not even a lighthouse, marking the way back to shore with its soft amber promises.....
.... He fitted himself to me and began a driving, erotic, rhythmic bump and grind.."

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