Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #6 - Wulf and Cassandra, Darkhunter series

" Against, his will, he reached his hand up to touch her jaw, just below her ear. Softer than velvet, her delicate skin warmed his cold fingers.
It had been so long since he last touched a woman. So long since he had last tasted one.Before he could stop himself, he leaned down and captured those parted lips with his own.
Wulf growled at the taste of her as his body roared to life. He'd never sampled anything sweeter than the honey of her mouth. Never smelled anything more intoxicating than her clean, rose scented flesh.
Her tongue danced with his as her hands clutched at his shoulders, pressing him closer to her. He became hard and stuff with the thought of how soft her body would be in other places. Cassandra's senses swirled at the unexpected contact of his lips on hers. She'd never known anything like the power and hunger of his kiss. The faint smell of sandalwood clung to his flesh and he tasted of beer and wild, untamed masculinity. Barbarian. It was only one word to describe him.
His arms flexed around her as he plundered her mouth masterfully. He wasn't just deadly to Daimons. He was deadly to a woman's senses. Her heart hammered as her entire body burned, wanting a mad taste of his strength inside her. She kissed him desperately.
He cupped her face in his hands while he nibbled her lips with his teeth. His fangs. Suddenly, he deepened his kiss as he ran his hands over her back, pressing her closer to those lean, masculine hips so she could feel just how hard and ready he was for her.
She felt him all the way down her entire being. Every hormone in her body sizzled. She wanted him with a ferocity that terrified her. Not once in her life had she know such hot, wrenching desire, especially not for a stranger. She should be pushing him away.
Instead, she wrapped her arms around his broad, rock hard shoulders and held him tight...."


BLHmistress said...

You did it! you hear me squealing lol. you posted a DH kiss 'sigh' I so love Cassandra and Wulf the first werehunter I fell in love with, How could you not love this Were??

Belinda said...

Hehehe! Thought you'd like it