Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #7 - Damien and Syreena, The Nightwalkers series

"She moved against his mouth in delicate increments so that there would be no clumsiness on her part. As will all things she had taken on in a lifetime of being a student, she gave an exemplary performance  of her quick ability to learn and adapt.
Damien's lips stroked against hers, opening slowly until she was mimicking him perfectly. She anticipated him, though, her little tongue touching his lips before her could seek it out himself. His breath fell quick and hot against her, the reflex automatic in spite of its lack of requirement. She exhaled into his mouth as he reached deeply for her, perfecting the hungry seal of their mouths.
He lost sense of everything but the exquisiteness of her kiss and the piquing interest of his own body. She smelled of lavender and those indefinable perfumes that had led him over miles of land and sea to find her. The exposed nails of her other hand skimmed down the thick column of his neck, making his throat convulse with an uncensored sound of pleasure. She slid her tongue over his, letting them touch and twist together in an erotic dance of sensation and curiosity into a purer appetite.
Damien loosed a hand from the cling of her hair, drawing it down the back of her neck and the bare track of her delicate spine. She shivered under the caress, the shudder pulling her in closer to his chest.
The Vampire Prince broke from her mouth when he bare torso connected to his, the heat of her naked skin unbelievably intense and almost bracing. He struggled for equilibrium, touching his forehead to hers as his gaze fell down onto their touching skin...."

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