Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #5 - Quinn and Sara, a Dragonfire novel

"He touched her jaw with his other hand, a line of fire following the gentle caress of his fingertip. Sara's knees weakened as he cupped her chin in his hand.  She knew what he was going to do, right in the middle of State Street, and couldn't decide whether she wanted him to hurry to the kiss or be leisurely about it.
He was watching her, seeking some hint that she didn't want him to kiss her. Sara held his gaze and smiled up at him. There was no one in her world but Quinn, nothing but the blaze of desire in his eyes. His thumb eased cross her lips, a slow, steady caress that set her aflame. Sara felt hot and she couldn't quite catch her breath.
Quinn leaned closer, giving her time to evade him if she wanted, but Sara didn't move. She waited. He had the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. He had the longest and darkest lashes imaginable, but they made him look only more masculine. His lips were firm with a sensuous curve, one that curved and increment more as he studied her.
"I want you safe." he murmurred. "First and foremost."
"Ditto" she whispered. Sara pushed back his straw fedora with a playful fingertip and curved one hand around his face. She could feel the slight stubble of his whiskers even thought he'd shaved, and could feel the determination in his jaw. His throat was muscles and tanned and she liked that he was both taller and stronger than she. "You make me feel safe." she admitted.
He turned his head and kissed the palm of her hand, sendng fire through her veins with that fleeting touch.
"More," Sara whispered and he smiled.
It was the only encouragement he needed. He inclined his head and his lips brushed against hers once, tantalizing and teasing; then his mouth closed over her with resolve.
Sara closed her eyes with satisfaction. His was a slow and powerful kiss, a leisurely kiss that explored and tempted and teaser Sara leaned against his chest and let her fingers tangle in his hair, closed her eyes, and surrendered to sensation. There were only Quinn and his fiery touch, only Quinn and his caress.."


Alexa said...

Oh goodness I just got done reading all of the kisses you have posted. I now have even more books to add to my wish list because of all the good scenes you showed off. Thanks for all of the work :)

Belinda said...

I figured seeing I needed to stop making MY wish list bigger, I should work on someone elses LOL I'm glad you're liking the kisses so far!