Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #4 - Hunter and Tate, Paladins of Darkness

"He was going to kiss her. She knew it. He knew it. And they both knew that if she let him, all bets were off. She gave his chest a shove, seeing if he'd grant her that much breathing room. When he did, still allowing her the final decision despite his anger and his desire, she knew all was lost. There might be no future for the two of them, but there was now.
She reached up to tangle her fingers in his hair none too gently. "this won't change anything, you know."
He cupped the side of her face and stared down at her for the longest time. Finally, he answered as he brushed his thumb back and forth across her cheek. "I know. But that doesn't seem to keep me from wanting you."
Then all chance for further discussion was gone. His mouth crushed down on hers, demanding entry, demanding surrender, maybe demanding forgiveness. She didn't know if she could give him what he wanted but she did know that if she didn't at least try, she'd never forgive herself.
God in heaven, the man knew how to kiss. After kiss initial assault, his touch gentled. She'd never been reduced by just the gentle sweep of lips against hers or realized that the soft brush of fingertips across her breasts could make her ache straight through to the heart of her..."


BLHmistress said...

oh these kisses are getting hotter as I read them 'fans self' I have 2 of her books on my shelf but not the whole series of either, do you recommend me get the rest first?

Belinda said...

I'd say start from the beginning! I was talking to another blogger and she shared this series is seriously HOT! I've got the rest on my shelves so I'm planning on attacking them soon!