Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #17 - Vane and Bride, the Darkhunter series

"Yet here she sat, holding a complete stranger in her arms. A gorgeous stranger who had been kinder to her than anyone else. And she wanted to taste him. To know just once what it was like to actually kiss a man who looked like this.
Lifting her head, she looked  up at him and trembled with a deep-seated desire  she didn't comprehend. But she felt it all the way through her.
She squelched the voice of reason, reached up  and pulled the band from his hair. Freed, those long dark strands framed the face of heaven. The heat of his hazel-green eyes scorched her. He dipped his head down until his lips hovered dangerously close to hers, as if  he was asking her permission.
Breathless, she closed  the distance and laid  her lips against his. He growled deep in his throat like some animal before his kiss  turned hungry, passionate. Bride was thrilled and amazed by his reaction. No man had ever seemed to enjoy kissing her as much as this one did. His strong hands cupped her head as he ravished her mouth as if he were starving for her and her alone.
Vane pulled her to him as the animal inside him roared to life. It wanted her with a desperation that bordered on madness. He could taste her own passion on his tongue. Hear her heart beating in rapid time to his. Most of all, he could smell her desire and he wanted more. The animal inside him wouldn't be satisified until it tasted her fully..." 


BLHmistress said...

OH no you didn't Vane 'sigh' I am so itching to read these books again you just don't know how bad.

Belinda said...

I TOTALLY loved Vane. As a curvy woman he made me purr.

I'm with you BLH. We totally need to arrange to do a Darkhunter feature. Maybe around August when Redemption comes out!

BLHmistress said...

OH that sounds like a fantastic Idea , been wanting any reason to read these books again and with Sundown's book coming out is perfect! Do you have the Companion book I still need to get that.

I loved this book because of Bride I felt I could relate but then all her books she made the heroines to where we could.

Marg said...

Vane is my favourite Dark Hunter by a mile. Just thinking about him makes me sigh!

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