Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #16 - Colin and Bea, Wild Desire

"He felt Bea‘s warm hand on his forearm. "Colin, I just…I wanted to let you know…"
He paused, noting the seriousness of her voice.
"I…thank you."
Just like that his annoyance fled. She couldn‘t see him and he knew it was safe to smile. She liked him. She might not admit it, but she liked him. She was close, her soft body pressed next to his, so close he could almost forgive Stephan for their situation. He turned, knowing she was facing him for her breath fanned across his lips.
"Sounds like a farewell speech," he said.
There was a telling quiet and he could imagine the endearing flush on her face.
"Just…in case," she finally whispered.
"Well then, Darlin‘, that‘s not how you say farewell. This is." He reached out and cupped the back of her head, his fingers slipping between her cool, silky strands.
Before she could inch back he pulled her toward him. By instinct, his lips found hers. She tasted like the berries they‘d eaten only an hour ago…sweet and tangy. So incredibly good. Heat shot through his body, an almost painful need to hold her close, to make her his. Heedless to the men searching above, he tilted her head and deepened the kiss. Bea looped her arm around his neck, pressing her chest to his. Dear God, he was insane, completely insane to being doing this now. Yet, when Bea sighed, Colin took full advantage and slipped his tongue between her lips. He didn‘t know why, but he felt the need to taste her. To kiss her thoroughly, completely.
Muffled voices echoed down the tunnel, shattering through their lovely cocoon of seduction. Reluctantly, Colin drew back. "We‘ve been found..."

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