Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #12 - Gabriel and Aislinn, a Dark Magick novel

"Putting his hand at the small of her back, Gabriel dipped her... then he kissed her.
Aislinn's body stiffened, but she didn't fight him. To fight him in this position meant she'd probably fall on her ass in the middle of the dance floor. Gabriel held her there, suspended in air, his warm, broad hand on the small of her back, his strong arms holding her effortlessly.
And the man could kiss.
His lips skated across hers slowly at first, then he nipped at her lower lip before slanting his mouth across hers and coaxing her to open for him. His tongue swept within and brushed along her tongue.... slowly. So slowly. Up and down. Hot and wet. She'd had no idea until now that her mouth was an erogenous zone. Her stomach did a flutter and pulse. Time seemed to stop and Kendal left her mind completely.
His kiss reminded her of sex.
Her body heated and she shivered at the same time. Her muscles relaxed and the sounds of the ballroom receded to nothingness against the suddenly loud beat of her heart. A purr started in the back of her throat and she swallowed it forcibly. Gods, the man kissed like an... well, like an incubus.
His lips still on hers, he pulled her up to stand again, flush against his body. Although her knees were so weak, she wasn't sure she could. It didn't matter; he held her up... and still kissed her. They weren't dancing anymore. His lips were sliding over hers and his tongue was skating along her tongue and there was nothing left but sensation. He took his time with her mouth, sucking on her lower lip and abrading it gently between his teeth, a thing that made places in her body much lower react. The hand he'd placed on her back found bare skin and stroked..."