Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #11 - Griffin and Nayeli, the Watchers series

"Then, he captured her lips in a kiss that completely surprised her. The annoyance she'd seen on him a moment ago did not manifest in his kiss. His lips were gentle, like an introduction, and she accepted it. Never had she been kissed before, and the feel of a man's lips - Griffin's lips - across her skin was heaven. She expected him to back away. He didn't. He put a hand on her lower back and drew her in closer, raising his hands to her neck and placing his thumbs along her cheek as he stroked the skin gently. He pushed harder against her lips, willing her to open them.
She did. With a light flick, he slowly met her tongue, then gripped her face together and brought her into a kiss that shook her knees. His tongue swiping against hers and their mouths working in unison was simply divine.
Abruptly, he drew away, then gave her lips another soft kiss. She opened her eyes. His gaze bore down into hers, a statement that there was nothing to fear...."