Friday, February 11, 2011

Kiss Blitz #1 - Lucien and Anya, Lords of the Underworld

"For a moment, she felt as if her feet were swept off the ground and she was without any kind of anchor. A moment later, her back was shoved against a cold wall. The cheers had somehow suddenly died. Frigid air nipped at her skin.
Outside? she wondered. Then she was moaning, unconcerned, and winding her legs around Lucien's waist as his tongue conquered hers. One of his hands crushed her hop in a bruising grip - gods, she loved it - and the other tunnelled through her hair, fingers once again curling tightly around the thick mass and angling her head to the side for deeper contact.
"You are - you are -" he whispered fiercely.
"Desperate. No talking. More kissing."
His control vanished. His tongue thrust back inside her mouth, their teeth banging together. Passion and arousal were a hot blaze between them, a raging inferno. Truly, she was on fire. Frantic. Achy. He was all over her, already a part of her.
She never wanted it to end."


Vamchoir said...

Gotta love those men who can "whisper fiercely," in such a compelling manner while making love so skillfully. (And studies say women don't multitask very well). LOL. Whoo hoo.

Maria said...

I totally love this book! Anya is my kind of girl. She is funny, tough, and very loving to her man. And Lucien,OMG don't get me started. This guy my be full of scars but is wickedly sexy! Gena Showalter is one of my favorite book authors. I have read all of this series and CAN NOT wait for more.

BLHmistress said...

'Sigh" you posted a Lord book, I so love these men and Lucien and Anya are one of my fave couples. OH he could kiss me like that, I am not sure I am gonna make it thru the kiss blitz lol.

Belinda said...

I liked the Lord series but LOOOOVVEEEDDD this book. Lucien made me HUM with appreciation LOL.