Monday, February 21, 2011

Jason Behr - Perfect Romance Hero Material

Look familiar? It's the dorky guy from Roswell. He's young, and kinda cute and I can hear you wondering... "This is romance hero material? Yeah maybe if you're reading Young Adult romance" That was my first thought BUT this fresh faced boy does what all boys eventually do ... he grew up and oh what a sexy man he turned into. Wanna see? *winks* It's ok to drool a little....

Hmmmm yum!

My gosh look at that arm *gulps* Can you imagine??

I am a sucker for a hot guy with long hair

He's trying to mesmerize me through the computer screen
with his Jedi mind tricks...
"You will be my slave.. I am the droid you're looking for"
*smacks head on desk*

 This has to be one of my fave pics I found of him.
He looks SMOKING here !!

After looking at these pics and the ones I googled, this is
where I'd like to see him most - attached to my bed.
Here's one use of duct tape I'd fully endorse LOL

I dedicate this post to @UnbrkWyld aka Redd

(I found some other hot ones but they had mannequins in them and hello? Just a little creepy LOL)

Ok I couldn't leave well alone... as if the thrill didn't kill us the first time... I ADDED more pics for our drooling pleasure!! Just make sure you wipe up when you're done ok? LOL

Man those are some sexy eyes *sigh*

Redd thinks this pic makes a better Sinjin. What do you think?

*wipes drools and grabs the panties I threw at the screen*
OMGSH the goatee.. the stare.. the tats? This guy is to die for!

I swear just looking at this post and I'm forgeting my name!

Can I  keep him? PLEEAASSEE? I promise I'll be good

Man this post makes me sound like a horn dog.
This is the one side effect of reading romance that makes me shudder a little. LOL

Feel free to come back and drool again!


Redd said...

*fansself* OMG. Am I melting? Luv luv the pics.. *wipes the drool*

Oh, thankies ever so much, Belinda!

Did he almost get you with the Jedi mind tricks? The last one and the wet almost nakey one... steamy.. *fans self again* It's going to be a restless night for moi! *grins*

Crystal ♥ said...

Oh WOW. I LOVED Roswell but I haven't seen him since. *gulps* He has def. grown up. Verra verra nice, thank you ladies for that!

Redd said...

Okay, you know I *now* have to get that book to know more about Sinjin, right?

*wipes up all the drool* I think you're not the only one who forgot her name...*blinks* Where am I? XD

Amy said...

I really loved him in Roswell. He was totally my big crush during my teen years. Would love to see him in some new shows and movies!

Crystal ♥ said...

Are ya' trying to leave me a panting heap on the floor or what girl? Did you know I have a thing for guys with tattoos? Lord, you're trying to do me in. I might have to take my guy to get some more this weekend now. My checkbook does not thank you but I sure do!

LMW said...

Ummmmmmmm....YUM! Way HOT!!!

Belinda said...

Hahahaha you girls crack me up!! What's a little hormonal short circuiting and lust frenzy between friends?

Redd - you haven't read about Sinjin yet? oh you're missing out. He's a sexy as heck vampire trying to seduce Jolie who also has a sexy as heck warlock wanting her too. Yummiest love triangle EVER!

Crystal - You know now I know your weakness I'll be looking for tat pics to tease you with? Mwahahaha!!

Oh I love being a blogger!!

Jessica said...

THANK YOU for this post! I LOVED Jason back on Roswell!! OMG! I sat through the Grudge just because he was in it! I adored him even in his cute boy Roswell days!!

Haven't seen him lately and now he's just WOW!

Wonderfully, beautiful post!

Jamie - I'm a guy, btw said...

Bless you for this. This man is beautiful, plain and simple. And WAY hotter with the long hair. And that duct tape pic? Oh. Em. Gee.

Jessica (Firefly Book Loft) said...

I used to think he was soo super cute on Roswell.
But cute is definitely not the way I would describe him anymore.
He is now SO HOT.
Loved all the pictures ;D

Sondrae Bennett said...

Oh my. Yummy! I loved him when he was in Roswell but he is sexy now!

BLHmistress said...

ummmm how did I miss this post holy ------- um ok I can't decide once I stop drooling whether I love the duct tape one or the close up on his eyes I am a sucker for eyes but those arms gaaaaaah ok I think I need a nice cold shower now or step outside and throw myself into the snow to cool off.

Fiction Fool said...

Helloooo Jason Behr. I've had a major lust crush on Behr since Roswell. Darynda Jones created her character Reyes after Jason Behr. Good choice. He's yummy.

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