Friday, February 4, 2011

I'll Have Some Fantasy With My Romance...With A Twist Of Urban.

I'd have to say that fantasy/urban fantasy is my second favorite kind of romance to read. I love the mystical, the magical, the make believe where I can let my imagination have free reign. I love the whole "it could be real..possibly...maybe" element you find when you're reading urban. What separates urban from paranormal romance is that love is a side theme that happens while the journey unfolds for the main character. It's not the main focus but it's definitely that added bonus that makes a great read amazing. It adds to the drama and spice of the book. With this post I put together all the "fantasyish" books I've loved so prepare to be dazzled LOL Some of my all time favorite reads are here....

Favorite Fantasy Reads

I picked the first book up at a used bookstore and within a day or two had the rest of series being shipped to me. I adored this series, especially Daughter of the Forest. I found it incredibly romantic and moving. This is
definitely a series I'll reread forever.

Ok this is here is probably my FAVORITE series EVER. This series is PHENOMENAL. I can't gush about it enough because the romance found between Ellysetta and Rain is breathtaking. I laughed, I cried and sighed constantly. If you had to pick only one of my recommends, this would be it. (Just don't get yourself in that situation because all these series are too good not to read ) Without a doubt, I would dub this series as EPIC!!!

This is a series that is addicting because it's REALLY good. The things the heroine goes through shows what great strength she has and she gets to do it with her sexy as heck assassin boyfriend Valek. ROFL Dirty minds.. I meant Valek helps her through her challenges. *shakes head* You'd think we were reading romance or somethig LOL

I totally stumbled over this series and was kind of meh about starting it. It took all of I think 20 pages before I was HOOKED and when ClanFintan enters the scene, sexy centaur anyone? This man says some of the most incredibly sigh worthy things EVER. I couldn't get enough of the series and have a secret wish that the author will pick it up again.

I love it when I find out a favorite YA author writes adult romance as well and you have to know - this series SCORCHES, SIZZLES, MAKES YOU LIQUID it's that hot!! My favorites are Goddess of Spring with delicious Hades and Goddess of the Rose. Both of them left me completely speechless and in awe by the emotional marathon I'd taken. Must reads!

Urban Fantasy

This series contains a character that I will measure every other book crush I'll ever have. Jericho Barrons is undeniably THE hottest man in romance and if you were to mention his name among the members of the book club I'm part of, you'd hear one huge sigh and lust induced moan. The story lines are amazing. The cliffhangers are enough to drive you insane and Mac, the heroine, is someone you can't help but love and cheer for. YOU MUST READ IT!!

I was a little hesitant at first when I started Magic Bites because it took a little getting into. It was a little different from what I'd expected but DON'T let that stop you because my gosh, it's an amazing series. I LOVED Kate. She is this no holds barred, in the thick of things character and of course, with that kind of heroine she has to have an equally powerful love interest. Remember this name.. CURRAN. Man makes me purr just from seeing his name *purrrrr* Another must read!

I have a thing for werewolves and so this series was interesting because Mercy is a coyote shifter who lives beside the local Alpha. She constantly cracks me up because she always seems to get into trouble and that sexy Alpha neighbor of hers? Adam..delicious!!

This author has me squealing all over the place every time I see she's releasing a new book. Stacey is amazing - she has the ability to write a great story that oozes all kinds of lust, passion and romance.
What pushes her books over the top is she includes such incredible emotion that you're a mess when you're finished from all the sighing and crying. Her heroines have strength and sass and her heroes are 100% prime ALPHA. Hehehe if you ever talk with her, whisper in her ear that writing a story about a sexy Aussie blogger being manhandled by a group of hunky man candy sounds hot! ROFL (Sorry couldn't help myself!!)

Here's another great indie author that I found last year. L.M Pruitt writes an incredible story that was filled with grit and passion and what really stood out to me is she wasn't afraid to get a little dark. The heroine to
the series is Jude and I loved just how "real" she was. There was an instant connection and I loved watching her fall in love.

I will ALWAYS be grateful I bought the first book to this because Merit is the perfect heroine - FEISTY. The sexual tension in this series is off the chart and I found myself chanting for her and Ethan to hook up. He definitely upped the lust I have for my vampire book crushes.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. Rachel is so flawed she's perfect! There's great story lines, amazing characters and the sense of humor I found in this series was priceless. How can you not love Jenks and his inventive cursing. I personally think "Tinkerbell's dildo" should be made into a bumper sticker or something. I always cheer for the "bad guy" in this book, Trent being the guy who gets my heart racing. Definitely a series to read!!

So there you have it...
Happy reading!

*Side note: LOL rereading I realize I gush alot over the male  characters. Yep,lots of lust over here but that's one of the great things I love about reading romance. All the yummy men to choose from. *


Theresa @ Fade Into Fantasy said...

Great post, Belinda! I had some of these series on my tbr list already, but not all! Thanks for showing me some new ones :)

BLHmistress said...

I agree I love Stacey is one I am happy to have found need to read the rest of her series yet.

I have Darkfever and Dead Witch Walking waiting to be read as well I tend to like to get all the series first then start reading them.

Cem said...

Interesting post! I'm totally with you on some of these, Kate Daniels, Fever, Mercy Thompson in particular. With Barrons, the word 'smouldering' springs to mind every time I read his name. Man is too damn hot for his own good ;) But that said, I do prefer Adam and Curran to him. Not too sure why, but I do love Barrons as well. I love romance as a side plot in urban fantasy (I don't read much fantasy), it adds something extra that makes it all the more enjoyable. Only time I don't really enjoy it, is when it takes over from the rest of the story.

jackie b central texas said...

I have some of these series, the start of the CL Wilson but need the rest and some of them need to check out some time soon...
Belinda you are definetly an eclectic romance reader, glad to know though that you have such wonderful taste and do not limit yourself!

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