Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Bookish Snob's Top Sexy Lust List

Here's just a FEW of the book hotties that have made my lust list. If I included every guy that's made me a little hot under the collar or swoon into a big puddle of sappy goo, this post would be ENDLESS!! Maybe I'll do future posts to include those not mentioned....hmmmm...

*as a side note - this would have been posted HOURS ago if it wasn't for the fact I got caught up looking for pics to match the characters LOL*

Of Witches and Warlocks series / Lacey Weatherford

"Don't you get it?" he asked me softly, his blue eyes streaked with shots of red in them staring deep into my soul. "I want all of you. I crave all of you. My body is demanding to have all of you, and my emotions are always right behind them. I'm always teetering on the brink of disaster."

The Vampire Academy series  / Richelle Mead

"My captivity with Dimitri. The way his mouth—so, so warm, despite his cold skin—had kissed mine. The feel of his fangs pressing into my neck and the sweet bliss that followed... He looked exactly the same too, with that chalky white pallor and red-ringed eyes that so conflicted with the soft, chin-length brown hair and otherwise gorgeous lines of his face. He even had a leather duster on"

The Fever series / Karen M. Moning

"I know part of what turns me on so hard, makes me so violent with lust, is that he's dangerous. I fell for the bad guy. I'm crazy about the one who's trouble. The alpha that doesn't play well with others and doesn't take orders from anyone."

The Darkhunters series / Sherrilyn Kenyon

Acheron -"There are some pains that run too deep for anything to absolve them. The best we can do is pick up the pieces and hope for the strength we need to keep going."
Tory - "Is that what you do?"
Acheron - "No, I beat shit up – that helps even more."

The Kate Daniels series / Ilona Andrews

Curran -"You thought about dragging me into your bed this morning.”
Kate -"I thought about stabbing you and running away screaming. You broke into my house without permission and slobbered all over me. You’re a damn lunatic! And don’t give me that line about smelling my desire; I know it’s bullshit.”
Curran - "I didn’t need to smell you. I could tell by the dreamy look in your eyes and the way your tongue licked the inside of my mouth."

The Study series / Maria V. Snyder

"He pulled my arm out to expose my bracelet. "When I carved this, my thoughts were on you, love. Your life is like this snake's coils. No matter how many turns it makes, you'll end up back where you belong. With me." His sapphire eyes held a promise

The Blue Bloods series / Stacey Kennedy

"She wiggled beneath his hand and his head snapped up. ‚Do. Not. Move,‛ he growled.
Without even thinking of it, she froze, stone solid. His power over her demanded it and in this moment, he was the one who would decide the plan of action. She let the little flickers of control leave her mind and gave him what he craved--the authority over her body. The choice to do as he pleased because as a wolf his ranking declared he be listened to and not be questioned. If he wanted something, it was his to take and right now, all he wanted was her. "

Adam Black
The Highlander series / Karen M. Moning

"He was inexhaustible, alternately tender and wild, playful, then staring into her eyes with deadly intensity. He made a woman feel as if nothing existed but her, as if the entire world had melted away and there was nothing more pressing than her next soft gasp, her next smile, their next kiss."

The Jolie Wilkins series / H.P. Mallory

“Love,” he whispered and put his hand on the highest point of my thigh, just underneath my skirt.
“Remember you are my human and you only live to worship me. You are not quite acting as well as you should.”
I leaned into him and whispered, “Get your hand off my thigh or I’m going to stake you.”
He chuckled and instead of removing the offending appendage, he massaged the inside of my thigh with the pad of his thumb. I didn’t want to admit it, but something like liquid lava erupted in my stomach and went due south.

The Highlander series / Karen M. Moning

"I want you"
"Want is no' enough. You must feel like you can't breathe wi'out me inside you. Do you need me? No matter the cost? Though I've warned you I'm no' a good man?"
"Yes! God, yes!"
"Say it"
"I need you!"
"Say my name"

The Night Huntress / Jeaniene Frost

Cat - "Is that a stake, Bones, or are you just happy with my new dress?”
Bones - “In this case, it’s a stake. You could always feel around for something more, though. See what comes up."

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series / JR Ward

"What is your name?" she murmured.
He cocked an eyebrow at her and then went back to staring at his brother. "I'm the evil one, in case you haven't figured it out."
I wanted your name, not your calling."
Being a bastard's more of a compulsion, really. And it's Zsadist. I am Zsadist."

The Vamire Diaries / L.J. Smith

To girl who almost ran him over - "I have a secret. It's a big one... and I've never said it out loud. I mean, what's the point? It's not going to change anything. It's not going to make me "good," make me adopt a puppy... I can't be what other people want me to be, what she wants me to be."

To Stefan - "I'm changing and evolving into a man capable of greatness. Better watch your back, cuz I may just have to go get a hero hair-do of my own and steal your thunder."


BLHmistress said...

"After I pick myself up off the floor" Holy Crap I have no words for these hot lusty men- I love your choice for Acheron I was stuck there for a bit, I never pictured him like that sense SK chose Travis Fimmel for Acheron but maybe I need to change my mind.
But then you have Travis in your pics 'sigh' I love Travis :)

And let me say a perfect Zsadist 'fans self" for all of them though. I think I might be stuck in this post for awhile, Can I camp out ??

Crystal ♥ said...

Yum, I'm going to have to bookmark this post so I can make daily drool trips!

Belinda said...

ROFL *hands out sleeping bags and mugs of hot cocoa* Make yourself comfy ladies! Don't worrying about your drool - I scotchguarded the furniture!

BLHmistress said...

Ahhhhhh why thank you 'snuggling on down , you sure you don't mind drool it might get mighty wet in here :)

Cialina at said...

Well, I haven't read most of these books, and I think that needs to change. Yum! I definitely swooned just by reading these snippets. I LOVE your list.

Hippiechick24 said...

I have read most of those books and I will totally agree with you! Sometimes I gotta open windows in the middle of winter. My all time favorite is Barrons from the Fever Series. The newest book was amazing but their sexcapades when Mac was "sick" made it for me. He is by far the sexiest to me. And the danger factor is a definite plus. Great post!

Kate said...

I'll admit that I haven't read many of these books but I sure will after reading this post! All of these men sound so yummy!

Redd said...

I wants to blow this up and plaster it on my wall. *sighs* A nom fest. *faints*

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