Monday, January 10, 2011

The Who's Who In The Fever Series

One of the things I love most about the Fever series is the INCREDIBLE characters you read about. They each have their own distinct personalities and come with a wide variety of strengths and weaknesses. They're written so well, they lift off the page and feel completely real. Whether you love them, hate them or love to hate them, they mess with your heart and its difficult not to forge strong connections with them. They make the story and so here's brief descriptions of the main players in the series. Feel free to add anything I've missed or comment on what you love about them!!

MacKayla Lane

The heroine of the story, Mac is the one who narrates the story. A carefree 22 year, her world turned upside with the murder of her beloved sister Alina and grief stricken and armed with a frantic answering machine message from her sister, Mac goes to Dublin, Ireland to bring the killer to justice. Once there however, she uncovers truth after shocking truth. She's a powerful sidhe-seer - someone who can see the Fae and they are taking over the city and because of her gifts, she has the ability to help stop it. She needs to get the Sinsar Dubh, the Dark book and must team up with people she never knows if she can completely trust. Mac has incredible heart and goes through Hell and as she changes from "Rainbow" Mac to "Savage" Mac you just can't help but love her!

Jericho Barrons

On the surface, Barrons looks like a man - an incredibly carnal and sexually masculine one. A bookstore owner and antique collector, Mac joins with him in search of the Sinsar Dubh. But nothing is as it seems with Barrons and he is cloaked in secrecy. We don't know what he is but what we do know is frightening (as well as extremely arousing) He is powerful and someone you do not want to mess with. Shades are afraid of him, in fact everyone is - humans and Fae alike. Cold and formal one moment, he looks at Mac with dark hunger and has shown those brief moments where you think you catch a glimpse of something softer. Don't make the mistake of romanticizing him - he's very vocal in saying he's not that kind of guy. We'll see. Just to let you know, if I ever turned Pri-ya (an addict to Fae sex), he's the first person I'm calling!! LOL


He is a Seelie prince and high consort to the current Queen. Incredibly erotic with a sexual energy that turns women Pri-ya, he approached Mac with the request that she find the Sinsar Dubh for the Queen. He tries hard to please and earn the trust of Mac, allowing her liberties other Fae would never allow. Don't allow his attempts to appear human fool you, he is incredibly powerful and when angry has the ability to affect the weather. Although Mac doesn't quite trust him, he offers her help, answers her questions and takes her for much needed trips in the sunshine. When you see him, make sure he mutes himself otherwise you'll be stripping your clothes off and not even be aware your doing it.


Also known as the Lord Master, he's the mystery "man" Mac's sister Alina was dating and he's the mastermind behind the craziness that's happening around Dublin. Seeing she has the same powers her her sister, he wants to use Mac to get the Sinsar Dubr for him so he can hold the ultimate power. Mac doesn't trust him though because she believes he's the one that murdered her sister and she's hell bent on making him pay. For those who've read KMM's Highlander series, he should seem familiar to you, giving you a heads up on just who he is and what his motives are. He's the reason the walls eventually fell and why Dublin is swarming with Unseelie. For the villian of the story, he sure is smooth!


A sexy guy with a Scottish brogue, he's part of the MacKeltar clan - the Druids who work the rituals that keep the walls between worlds up and working. Sent to Dublin with the orders to keep an eye on Barrons, he strikes up a friendship with Mac when she finds out he had met Alina. He's someone you can't lie too because he'll know straight away, having the gift/curse of knowing when someones not being honest. He's probably the only one Mac can really trust and it'll be interesting to see what happens next with him.


A teenager, she's an amazing sidhe seer with the power and gift of super strength and speed. She's able to gain access to places and conversations others could only dream of because she's able to flash in and out quickly. She develops a sister-like bond with Mac, being the one to save her when Mac desperately needed it and together they kick Unseelie butt - Mac with the spear and Dani with the sword. She loves to cuss (which Mac reminds her is unladylike) and is fearless. Having met Barrons and V'lane, she's still undecided which one she prefers. All she knows is she'll lose her virginity to one of them!


We don't know much about him other than when Mac dials IYCGM, Ryodan picks up. He's loyal to Barrons and works to protect Mac at his command. You can find him at Chester's.


She is the Head Mistress of the sidhe-seers, taking care of the group at the abbey. She has an adversarial relationship with Mac - they both don't trust each other. One of the first people Mac talked to in Dublin, she left Mac to fend for herself until she realized Mac's powers and then tried to pull her into the fold so she could use her. The Sinsar Dubh was part of her duty to guard and although it's not clear how, the book escaped. She's canny and ruthless, holding her charges back until Mac steps in and challenges her.

Inspector Jayne

A Garda officer, he's dedicated to keeping Dublin safe and its people protected but with the crime rate going through the roof, he's fighting a losing battle. He meets Mac after he comes and interrogates her over the death of Inspector O'Duffy (the officer looking into the death of Alina) He proves a stubborn adversary, tailing Mac everywhere, trying to wear her down so she'll give him the answers to his questions. Nothing prepares him for when she does and as much as it horrified him at first, he does what he needs to do to see the threat that surrounds him. When everything goes to Hell, he's there on the front line.

People we know little about but I think will hold some kind of role in Shadowfever -

Cruce - He's the Fae that placed a curse on the Sifting Silvers because of his hatred for the Unseelie King, making them dangerous to use. It's unknown whether he's Seelie or Unseelie
The Dreamy-Eyed Boy - He turns up throughout the series and the last time Mac saw him, things got a little strange. He's definitely someone to keep an eye on.


Natasha said...

Great post, I'm going to link think post on my site!

ParaJunkee said...

I like Rowena's leopard print pants! Love it.

Sondrae Bennett said...

I love these books. And I agree, we're definitely going to hear more about the dreamy eyed boy. There's too many mysteries surrounding him. Great post!

jackie b central texas said...

I have to say you did some nice work setting this up Belinda, can hardly wait for that email from Amazon that says my book is on the way!

jackie >_<

Krista West said...

Hi! I found you on HP's group! Love the look of this site! I am beyond excited abotu this book and I haev soooooo many ideas about all of the essential questions!

Krista West said...

And that is EXACTLY who I saw in my head when picturing Rowena! Kudos to you for not finding a Fabio-type V'lane either!

Carissa said...

Yay! Neat post! I'm so ready for shadowfever!

HPMallory said...

Great job, Bels! Now I need to just read more so I can get caught up and understand who all the characters are!!!

Krista West said...

I think "dreamy eyed boy" is actually a "Gripper" Unseelie.

Rie Conley said...

Sounds great! Love the characters.

Belinda said...

Natasha, I just went to your blog :) That's so cool you posted it there.. in fact I'm a little giddy! Thx

Parajunkee, ROFL me too :P

Sondra, the guy seriously shows up alot so I don't think it's just a coincidence. He's involved somewhere I just don't know how.

Jackie, Thanks. I've had a lot of fun gathering stuff to share so hopefully people will keep coming and like what they read. I'm buying my copy on Kindle the second it's available!

Krista, welcome and I'm glad you like it. I can't wait until everyone catches up with the group so we can talk without fear of spoilers. OH I'd NEVER cast Fabio as V'lane. That man is an abomination!! LOL

Carissa, Thanks :)

HP, You have me so torn right now - part of me is telling you to cast everything aside so you can devote all your time to reading but then that means putting a hold on writing.... drooling over Barrons/V'lane together VS getting mroe Rand/Sinjin/Knight. Ugghh too tough a question LOL


Hmmm I never thought he might be a Gripper. Maybe... I think he's something else because I always get this feeling Grippers being Unseelie are evil. Maybe he's some independent entity?? Lots of questions..

Missie said...

ooooh! this is so helpful as a recap! Can't wait for the last book. Thanks

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