Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who Says Young Adults Can't Rock At Romance?

I couldn't go through the PassionPalooza without giving a shoutout to the romance you can find in the Young Adult section. If it wasn't for some of the amazing reads a few years ago, I never would have ventured into the genre and wouldn't be sitting with my laptop at 2.16am blogging. Young Adult romance is a perfect way to introduce the feel and emotion without tripping over all the sex scenes. I was really timid back then and so I was in heaven going through all the different paranormal series. Even though you won't find it on my list, Twilight was the first romance I read and thats why I call it the "gateway" series because it sparks that interest that has people searching for more, which leads them to some truly wonderful stories. Don't make the mistake of thinking that being Young Adult means you'll find childish and juvenile writing. They are just as complex and moving, just as light and funny and just as passionate with the focus more on sexual tension than the acts. *giggles* And just so you know it's ok.... My name is Belinda, I'm in my 30's and I LOVE reading Young Adult. See? Nothing to be embarassed about *winks* So here are a few series that I think people should check out ....

When I think of my favorite YA reads, this series is one of the first to come to mind and when it comes to the romance ... Lacey has it down to a science. Vance and Portia are this amazing couple who go to Hell and back for each other and each book packs a powerful emotional punch. Vance is this epic bad boy who inspires global lovefests on Twitter and I dare anyone to read this series and not swoon, sigh and fall madly in love with him. This is a MUST READ series... I'm serious *smiles* These books hold a real special place in my heart as well because it's what introduced me to Lacey who is now my soul sister and confidante. Can't get any better than that, right?

This is the series that as each of the books came out, I ceased to exist because I would shut myself away from the world so I could devour each blessed word. I fell in love with these books from the beginning with the great characters and story lines. These books hooked me and I'll admit it's mostly because the lead guy, Dimitri melted my heart and had me sighing his name. He is the ultimate in book crushes and I found myself racing through the books, looking for each scene he was in. He had me sobbing in places and girly giddy in others and at the end of book three... I was seriously depressed for DAYS. This is another MUST read. A little tidbit - Last Sacrifice will forever be known as the book I gave an organ for. The day it was released, when I was meant to be in seclusion, I was admitted for emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. Didn't get to read it for days. I got to touch the book though *smiles*

Talk about hooked! Here's another series where you're going to want to have the series close at hand because as you finish one you're eager to start the next. This story has it all - action packed twists, an endearing heroine, a little love triangle, a seriously hot bad boy and a mwahahaha villain. Clary and Jace light up the pages because they have this powerful attraction towards each other that they fight against and as the reader you are cheering them on, praying that things aren't what they seem so they can openly declare their love and give in to their desires. Great thing to? The author has been contracted for an additional THREE books with the fourth (City Of Fallen Angels) due out in a few months. This is a perfect time to read the series.

This was one of the first series that I bought when I started reading YA paranormal and I absolutely loved it. I loved the style and humor in the book, I enjoyed watching the main character Zoey open up as she was introduced to a new world and the guys that flock to her? *HUGE SIGH* You have Heath, Erik, Loren (oh he was sexy as heck) and my personal favorite... STARK!! I haven't had a chance to read Awakened yet so I'm excited to see what happens next.

Shiver and Linger are MUST READS. To me they were just so beautifully tragic, filled with emotional and romantic longing. Both of them left me speechless at the end and I loved the connection I was able to make with characters - especially Cole. He was just so tortured and confused... he was alot of fun to read. Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side was one of those surprise reads. I didn't know just how much I'd love and it was so funny. It also doesn't heart to have a insanely hot and intense vampire pursuing you. There was a kiss scene that left me shivering *sighs* Angelfire was just recently released and although it focuses on Ellie and her becoming aware of her amazing legacy, I loved the romance in it between her and Will, a guy who goes through the centuries protecting her, existing for her. Lots of sighing there as well. Hush, Hush is another MUST READ if you're into bad boys because Patch is perfect! I loved some of the things he said, his cocky sarcasm and he was the guy who introduced me to fallen angels. Lots of rave reviews!

This series came to mind as I was putting this post together. It's one of those series that leads it's main character on an epic quest to save the world that leads you through twists and turns as you watch them discover more about themselves and their talents. It's an amazing fantasy and it was such a welcome surprise to find delicious sexual tension between Maerad and Cadvan. Cadvan is completely swoon worthy as he tries to protect her but who is protecting their hearts? The moment I get any free time, this is one of the first series I'll re read because it left me with such a satisfied feeling.

*Note: I didn't realize that I've been reading mostly adult romance lately and so that's why you don't find many of the new releases in this list. They are however sitting on my Kindle ready for me to read so don't be surprised if you see a few pop up and make an appearance*


BLHmistress said...

I hadn't heard of Lacey's books but guess what? Can you see it my list is getting even bigger thanks to your Passion Palooza LOL

LMW said...

Hey sista...soul! <3 u chica! :D

asamum said...

OMG you have just added to my wishlist by tons :D I see what you mean sabout Twilight being a gateway. Great post thanks Bel

Belinda said...

Looks like I finally figured out a way to not feel so bad about my bulging wishlist - make everyone elses just as big so mine doesn't seem to bad. Looks like it's working too.. MWAHAHAHAHA

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