Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Can Never Get Enough Of That Sweet Romance

What is sweet romance?

A general misconception is that all romance novels are filled with pages of hot sweaty sex and it can be a turn off for those who are looking for the emotional connection of romance but whose tastes don't lie in the sensual and erotic. Sweet romance is perfect for those readers because along with the emotions, they are given chaste kisses and light romantic scenes where the couple either doesn't make love or if they do, the author doesn't go into detail. I love to read all kinds of romance and really enjoy the experience of reading Sweet romance because there are times where I'm not in the mood for the hot and heavy, the sizzle that comes from sex and really just want a story where the focus is on other aspects - the thrill of first attractions, the giddiness of hand holding, the uncertainty that comes as the couple learn about each other. For me, when sex is absent from a story the author must rely on other ways to develop and show the connection between the couple - the results always leaving me content and satisfied. So what sweet romance do I like to read?

My Favorite Author - Marcia Lynn McClure

If you're looking for clean romance books filled with passion, sigh inducing heroes and story lines that will completely reduce you to a puddle of gooey mess, Marcia McClure is the author for you. I absolutely adore this author and every book she releases becomes my new favorite. Known as the Queen of Kisses, she more than makes up for the absent of sex scenes with her hot and mouthwatering kisses. I'm telling you each one gives you the full experience - the heavy sighs, rapid heartbeat, goosebumps and weak knees. She is a MUST READ and with over 30+ titles (and counting) you have plenty of books to choose from.

Some of my favorite titles by her are : Weathered Too Young, The Windswept Flame, The Highwayman of Tanglewood, Kissing Cousins (I LOVE THIS ONE), Kissing In The Dark, Visions Of Ransom Lake, Heavenly Surrender and Shackles of Honor. You can learn more about Marcia and her books by visiting her official website HERE

Here's some of my reviews

The Highwayman of Tanglewood
The Windswept Flame

To read a fun article called Keeping It Sweet While Turning Up The Heat
 by Mary Janice Davidson, click HERE


BLHmistress said...

I have a couple of her books on my tbr list, Might have to get out of my hot smexy books long enough to check out those sigh worthy kisses

LMW said...

I've bought TEN of Marcia's books in the last few weeks and I'm in reader's HEAVEN!! I LOVE her books!! They are so good! She brings out the wistful nostalgia in me! haha

Belinda said...

BLH - Marcia's books are amazing and are great examlpes of how beautiful romance is. You fall in love with love from reading her books. I'd definitely get yourself a copy to try!

Lacey - Hahahaha we should have a "swoon" party and stay up all night reading her books!

BLHmistress said...

You just had to do didn't ya here goes my list lol - no wonder my son gripes.

Empi said...

Kissing is the best, so you have me sold on Marcia McClure. I am yet to attempt a romance without a sex scene, although my two novels are listed under sweet romance.

Jade Graham said...

she more than makes up for the absent of sex scenes with her hot and mouthwatering kisses. regency romance

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