Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Man's View on Romance

I thought it would be fun to interview a husband whose wife is not only an avid romance reader but also writes books that just ooze love and passion. I figured it would be interesting to see what he'd have to say so I hope you enjoy!!

Meet James. He the average all American guy, living the dream. He's been married for 20+ years to his beautiful wife and has 6 wonderful kids.

What do you think of romance novels?
I don’t read them, but I did know a guy that does. He said they were hot and that every guy should read them. My wife of course agreed with him. She longs for the day that I will come home and sweep her away, shirtless of course, and make love to her like a stallion. But then again I thought I was doing that already. Guess I may be able to pick up a few pointers or two, maybe.
How did you feel about your wife reading romance?
My first thoughts were that she was silly. The little girl in her wanted a man to be so in tune with her wants and desires that she would have to do, or say, nothing and he would know just what she needed or wanted at the time. Lets face it, that's a little unrealistic don’t you think.
Then the descriptions of how the men look, act and put the needs of the heroine before all else was just laughable to me, but my wife would swoon and ask “Why can't you be more like Fredrick?”  My response- "There isn’t a man alive or dead that acts that way.” Then it started to get serious. The more she would read, the more she discovered that I was not her perfect man. Depending on the book, I was either too much of a nice guy and not enough of a bad boy for her, or I was a man that could not express the way he truly felt. I was being compared to the perfect male specimen and had no hope of measuring up. The only positive point was that “Fredrick” was not physically available, but I was. I did enjoy reaping the benefits of his hard work.
How did you feel when she started writing novels?
At first I thought, “Okay, whatever you want to do.”  She started to write the stories and would ask my opinion of them.  I enjoyed them quite a lot as she would share them with me. She would even write scenes just for her and I to share. The unedited ones. I didn’t think my wife had it in her!  I began to realize she had a side of her, that up to this point, I'd not discovered and I LIKED it!  Some of the scenes were very hot and got the old motor running, if you know what I mean.  
Guys, if you are reading this and your woman asks you your opinion on something she has written, do not ever say, “It was good.” if you know what’s “good” for you.  The correct response is “That’s the best thing I have ever, or will ever, read in my life my love!”  If I respond this way then she writes another scene for me and I get to take advantage of “Fredrick’s” hard work again, only it's better now because it is exactly what she had in her mind.
Did your opinion change and if so, what changed your mind?
It may have change a bit, I still have no desire to read romance novels but I enjoy the benefit’s they give to me. My wife reads one, or more, a day and we have never been happier. I just hope I can keep up with the rigors of her demands on me. She is an animal! Lol We are enjoying life and that’s all I will say on the subject.
What advice would you give other husbands whose wives like to read romance novels?
As I see it, we as men will never live up to the heroes of the romance novel. With a little work and thoughtful consideration though, we do make good substitutes. If our women love to read romance then we have the DUTY to take advantage of the work the authors do. We may not be perfect, but at least we are real!  The next time you're in bed watching TV and you hear your wife swoon, “Oh, Fredrick!” as she reads you can sit there and smile because you know what’s coming next. That's my advice, just smile and enjoy the ride my friends, enjoy the ride.
LOL James. So there you have it - one man's view on romance. Won't ever see him bite the swoon that feeds him *wink* Wonder how many other men have caught on to that idea? I think my hubby understands ... load and clear. Have fun everyone!


Redd said...

A very fun, and eye opener interview, Belinda. *Very* enlightening James! XD

BLHmistress said...

LOL if only other guys would, if they did then they would get those benefits James is so happy with :)