Monday, January 10, 2011

My Blog Has Caught The FEVER

Prepare to feel the heat
Prepare to catch the FEVER

It's almost here guys, the moment when we'll finally get the answers to all our questions. With Shadowfever set to be released in EIGHT more days it seemed pretty fitting to dedicate my blog to this amazing, addicting, scorching Urban Fantasy series. What started out as an idea to share my reviews of the books has morphed into a real FEVERfest celebration with reviews, quotes, interesting posts filled with book tidbits to help prepare you for January 18th. I'll be sharing my thoughts as well as some great information I found on the author's website or from the books. So come by each day, read some great post and feel free to leave comments. Just as a heads up - mark it on your calendar to be here the 14th - 17th for a giveaway to end all giveaways *wink*

Happy reading everyone and remember -