Friday, January 14, 2011

Jericho Barrons - Just What The Heck Is He???

Let's talk about Jericho Barrons. Now here's a man that just the mere mention of his name, has you weak at the knees, sighing heavily and scratching "I HEART Barrons" into every available surface. He's the source of heated fantasies, lustful longings and women everywhere would give anything to hear him utter their names. He is deliciously, wickedly, sensually, undeniably mouthwatering with an arrogance and darkness that makes him an EPIC character. Power drips off him by the bucket load with a confidence that totally backs up that swagger of his. Problem is .. that's pretty much all we know about this sexy mystery and what he is. Facts about Barrons are very slim throughout the books... Oh loads of people know WHAT he is but they're not saying because he has them all scared. Us poor readers must scrounge around for clues and subtle hints, piecing together whatever we can find with the hope that we'll finally be able to pull Mac aside and whisper "OMGSH, I figured it out. Barrons is a..." I recently re read all the books as a way to prepare for Shadowfever and kept a piece of paper/pen beside me so I could write down any Barrons theories - big, small and ludicrous and here's what I came up with. Feel free to agree, disagree, scoff or share your own theories !!

**Warning: I'm not being careful with spoilers here.
If you keep reading it's because you've read the books
or you're okay with it. Don't shoot me if I share
something that you haven't read yet LOL**

Human: Sometimes the answer is the most simplest. He's just a man with extraordinary powers. Maybe he's like Mac and Christan - Mac is a HUMAN sidhe seer and Christian is a HUMAN Druid. Maybe we're all so quick to think paranormal that we automatically overlook the answer *snorts and rolls her eyes* Who am I kidding? There's nothing human about him!! He just screams "other".

Ok now I've got the crazy out of the way lets get down to the real theories.

Unseelie King: This seems to be a popular theory. It could explain the power and why everyone seems to be scared and not want to mess with him. It could explain why he wants the book - he wants it back because he's not finished with it, thinks this is a way to redeem himself to his people and atone. That's why he also works at keeping the walls up because he's finished making monsters. Problem is why can't he touch or see the book and when he finally does, why is he horrified? Oooh I just remembered something FOR him being the UK - when Mac asked him why he didn't have such a powerful reaction to the photocopied pages, he told her roughly because he'd been exposed to them alot (I know that's paraphased) This would be true seeing he wrote it. This leads me back to why can't he touch it then? Somehow, this just doesn't fit!

Missing Fourth Unseelie Prince: I'm not really sold on this one but since I'm brainstorming why not entertain it. Again, could explain the power and why people are scared. May explain where he was those 4 days and why the fourth Prince hid his face alot. But this one doesn't feel right to me. Mac shared he looked horrified when she confronted him and if I'm remembering right, these Princes are empty vessels and that's why they use sex. No matter how much you argue, Barrons definitely has emotions - convincing ones. Also I would like to think that sex with Barrons would be unforgettable. If he truly was the fourth, when he went home to "cure" Mac, she'd have known it by the way he moved and fit. Right? Also, wouldn't he "feel" the same as the others. Dani shared he didn't and even though he could be muting for what reason? The Princes are working with the Lord Master. Why wouldn't Barrons join forces with him. No... He isn't an Unseelie Prince.

Cruce: This seems like a pretty reasonable possibility to me. Might explain why he's in the thick of things. Surprise surprise we don't know much about Cruce other than he hates the Unseelie King (a reason for him to want the book) and cursed the Silvers. To do that, Cruce must have incredible powers and alot of knowledge in the dark arts. Hello... Barrons?? Cruce also has alot of fae relics floating around... a cuff and what does Barrons wear at times...a cuff. Coincidence? Maybe. What's Cruce's motives though? Barrons? Something to remember as well is Barrons can navigate the Silvers - something the Fae are loath to do since they were cursed. Cruce could control it right? Why does Cruce want the book??

Shapeshifter: This was my first Barrons theory and I keep coming back to it. Problem is it fits too easy and may be something KMM threw in there to throw us off the scent. There is COUNTLESS "wolfish", "animal" and "beast" references when it comes to Barrons. There's the howling Mac heard when she was in his garage. I think of when she called him and he was rough housing with Ryodan. Am I stretching it when I remember there were times where he disappeared for days.. full moon perhaps? What about how territorial and possessive he is? He all put pees on Mac to mark her his and warn off all the "animals". He's an extremely alpha male character... is that because he's an Alpha - leader of the Dublin Pack? Are Fae's scared of him because the bite of a shapeshifter is deadly? Oops sorry that's Vampire Diaries TV show (LOL ahhh Damon - another man I'd love 5 minutes alone with) Those visions Mac gets when she's in his head of the thrill of the kill and the event that changed him - is that all indicators that he truly is a beast? Oh and don't even get me started on whether Barrons himself is IYD (If you're dying number on Macs phone) Maybe that's why he needs the Sinsar Dubh because it contains a way to reverse the curse? Oh oh oh... this may explain why he is FOREVER telling Mac that he can SMELL her. Yep, this one's looking pretty good right now!

One of the 13 Dark Druids from Highlander: I entertained this thought for all of 2 minutes and only really did it because these Druids held great power and knowledge and would definitely be something to be afraid of. I have little doubt that they hold the key to killing Fae and so that alone fits. But then I think of how Christian and him were doing a ritual on Samhain that involved these Druids and I instantly realized "Umm hello if he is one, why bother?" Also HUGE give away is the Druids are spirits and Jerricho is gloriously made of lickable flesh and bone. It could be that he is being possessed but these Druids are the epitome of evil and as much as we'd like to think that way of Barrons, I don't think he is. Also wouldn't the 13 stick together? As far as we know when Barrons came crashing into the Abbey to rescue a Pri-ya Mac, he came with 8 men "just like him" Hmm  could work but where were the missing Druids?  Did they sleep in? Were they running errands at the Druids R Us market? Yeah... this was easily discredited in my mind. Plus something I just thought of is Barrons spent time with Dageus who actually housed all 13 of them before. Dageus retained those memories so surely he would be able to read the signs. Right?

Unseelie King's Son: I don't have anything to really support this other than there has to be kids out there somewhere and Barrons could be related. I have no idea his motives though.

Fae Guard: I was only really thinking this because of his history with V'lane and the mentioning of a Fae Princess. Also the woman he brought through the mirror. We all assume it's because he killed her but what if he's part of a royal guard with the commission of protecting a Princess. Didn't the princesses go out and search for the book? They definitely wouldn't have gone alone and it could explain why Barrons has a team of men that follow him. Maybe that's where he goes through the day and he uses Mac as a means to get the book. She calls him a mercenary alot and maybe because of the death of the boy etc, Barrons lost hope and the event hardened him to where he sells his service to the highest bidder. Lots of flaws but it could be the answer.

I also went for a quick, look around to see what other people thought he might be and I stumbled across this and felt the tingling alert of a STRONG possibility. I can really see this as maybe being the answer. It was offered up by Jenn at Goodreads :

"My theory is that Barrons is a fae of the same class and house as Adam Black, perhaps they're brothers. In Beyond the Highland Mist the Rom tells Hawk that Adam is a Daione Sidhe(celtic mythology describes the daione sidhe as being Dark Fallen Angels. Adam was of the house D'Jai, and Jericho happens to have the D'jai relic and looks nearly identical to Adam, seems suspicious to me. I think Barrons was cursed for some reason and needs the book to break the curse. Coincidentally Adam was the "court fool" because he was being punished for some reason. Seems too connected to me to not have a reason."

So what do you guys think??
January STILL can't come fast enough!

*Disclaimer: I wrote this late last night so if I have things jumbled, left things out, got things wrong - please be kind and gentle LOL*


Meg, Caitlin and Laurie T said...

I had the same reaction to the Adam Black passage. Something connected for me. I enjoyed your theories. They helped me remember specific things from the books. Is it the 18th yet?:)


Anonymous said...

I think Adam Black is connected in some way also. Most seem to think "the 5" are the Druid men. I think Cian, Daegus & Drustan are in there, but I think Adam is one of the 5...formerly fae...and his son is also one of the 5...half human & half fae. Cian is the dark sorcerer, Daegus had the Tuatha De inside him & the Queen talks about Drustan is the one who would always do the right thing.

I think Jericho is somehow related to Cruce...Cruce himself or offspsring. Remember that one of the pages Mac read in the abbey about Jericho was the writings of a boy who had been captured by a Fae princess...supposedly Jericho.

There is a lot about the curse thrown into the vortex of the silvers where is mutated like a lot of other things. That could be why Jericho turns into a beast at times. My thought is that Cruce is the UK son & Jericho is Cruce's son...and the boy that Jericho was grieving for was his own son or younger brother. Jericho & the other 8 were not quite right and all the creatures the UK made were not quite right. But Jericho & the 8 have human in them also. Anyway those are my theories. :-) Come on Tuesday!

January 16

Anonymous said...


twentysomethingfictionwriter said...

OH wow...swoon. This guy *fans self* I am now a fan. Thanks for stopping by my blog! New follower :)

Anonymous said...

i know he has once been human thousands of years ago,though he didnt specify exactly how long.on that fateful day when he n his men were ambushed in the desert something happened which made them eternal revivers.the question now is,what n who cast such a spell on them?

plus,why did he bring his kid son on one of his mercenary missions?why did he not leave him with his mother back at home?(im assuming his mother stayed human n died naturally,eventuatlly,thousands of years ago) after he learnt of his kind's inherent weakness of reviving on the same spot,why did they not set up a fortress around that area and make it their own personal domain?with their capabilities n a thousand years of time,it shouldnt be impossible for them.

for all that barrons n his people knew of fae,im surprised he hadnt come to the realisation of his son being killable by the k'vruck,and tried seeking n asking k'vruck to do so.if he had the sinsar dubh,he didnt need to unmake his son,he could reach back in time n save him the moment he revived on that spot,before their enemies got hold of him.

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There is always the FIR BOLG who went to Greece then returned to Ireland

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