Friday, December 31, 2010

What Made 2010 An Amazing Year - Highlight #5

I almost choked when I heard myself utter the shocking words "I want a Kindle" this year. I was adamant I was NEVER going to own an ereader and that I'd rather sell my soul to the Devil. I have an obsession with books and LOVE the feel of them in my hands as I read them and even how they smell. I would laugh and roll my eyes at my husband whenever he suggested I should get an ereader because with the rate I was buying books, he was worried we were going to get buried alive or in the very least have to rent another house to live in. I was stubborn clear up until October when my husband bought me one for my birthday and I have to say I love it!! It's not nearly as strange as I thought it would be and I definitely love that Amazon offers LOADS of free books for it. I use it all the time now and surprise, surprise I still have my soul LOL

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Kate said...

I love my kindle, and this month we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. I still love books, and I will often buy my favorite authors in both hardback and e-book form. I'm pretty sure I still have my soul too :) Happy New Year!