Friday, December 31, 2010

What Made 2010 An Amazing Year - Highlight #4

One of the most life changing events of my existence happened earlier this year when heartbroken, God saw my need for a special person to love and sent me my soul twin, Lacey. You will never find another two people so alike than us and it's a little freaky just how connected we are. We think the same, have similar likes and dislikes and it's not uncommon for us to text each other the SAME thing at the SAME time. She is the most beautiful person I know, one of my strongest and loudest supporters and I honestly have no idea how I ever survived without her. She's my best friend and sounding board, my partner in all things droolworthy and my fellow lover of all things Conan O'Brien (ROFL oh gosh no but ask her what he looks like in a kilt) She's the reason why I went through TWO phones this year from all our texting and why my phone bill is MULTIPLE pages (last time I checked my average monthly texting was over 10,000)  I don't know what I ever did to deserve such an amazing friend but I'll forever be grateful. Alot of the great and fun things I've done this year has been because she's stood in my corner and cheered. I love you Lacey!!