Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Tweet That Was Almost As Good As Percocet

Okay, I'm sharing this soley because it totally MADE my week.

For those that know me, I have a pretty lustful fascination with the actor Matt Lanter. He's been a frequent visitor in my dreams where we exchange some VERY hot and juicy kisses. Earlier this year, I posted about my horror at him visiting my site and learning about how much I love being held up against a car while he ravished me and then watching it go global.

So you can't begin to imagine how excited I was when I got a tweet alert this week from none other than Mr Lanter himself.

MattLanter @thebookishsnob get well!!

Of course, I have to reply -

@MattLanter I was doubled over in pain from
 moving around & I got ur tweet. Not as good as
percocet but pretty damn close *grin* Thx

Here is an extremely busy guy who took those few seconds to wish me well and it just proves that not everyone in Hollywood is a jerk. He's such a great sport and just you watch, this guy is going to be HUGE!!

You can catch him as Liam on 90210, the voice of Anakin on Stars Wars: the Clone Wars and as extremely sexy Edward Sullen on Vampires Suck. For those who haven't seen this hysterical movie yet, it's a spoof of Twilight and he is "AHMAZING" in it. Countless people are saying he makes a better Edward than Robert Pattinson.

So anyway, there you have it. Just wanted to share :D


ParaJunkee said...

That would make my day ;)

LMW said...

He's the best!! Isn't he? :D Glad you're finally starting to feel a bit better!

Lori Brighton said...

omg! That's great! What a nice guy!

Gina said...

That is so cool!
It is true, however, Matt Lanter does make a better Edward and Vampires Suck was amazing!

Belinda said...

Robert Pattinson totally killed the books for me. Just the thought of him makes me gag a little. Whoever made the decision to cast Robert instead of our delicious Matt was STUPID and I would have said *puts on hideous toupe and tries to look like an insanely rich old dude* "YOU'RE FIRED!!"

*takes the toupe off and fixes hair*

See you in my dreams Matt *winks and blushes*

Celine said...

That's so awesome! Lucky you... I'm not jealous. Not at all.

Okay, maybe a little.

Matt Lanter makes me drool.

Belinda said...

Hahaha how's this for funny. (especially after my last "see you in my dreams" comment) Mr Lanter starred in my dream last night and although there was no kissing *sad sigh* we had this amazing conversation where he confided in me the secret to his success as an actor. Wanna know what it was? He owes his amazing talent to being a .... wait for it .... MUPPET!!! ROFL How insane is that???

But wait it gets better because not longer after Mr Lanter exited from my dream but another SEXY crush of mine visited - Damon Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder. I'd tell you what we got up to but honestly, a girl never kisses and tells *blushes* Just know it was HOT!!

Is it bedtime yet? LOL

Mad Scientist said...

Oh Happy Week!!

Enjoy it!

I'm a new follower since I'm stuck in the past and just joined the twitter world.

Will retweet :)

Mad Scientist.... I like your blog changes.

Kate said...

I would have died, ok not literally but I love him too, especailly in 90210. I haven't seen Vampire Sucks yet, and I didn't know he played Edward! I'm going to pick it up as soon as possible now! :)

jackie b central texas said...

Absolutely better than Percocet, how cool Belinda!

Glad you are feeling good enough to change up the blog and be on Twitter!

jackie >_<

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