Monday, December 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday #16

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading and here's how you play..

Grab your current read and open to a random page. Share a couple of “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page. BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn't give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!) Share the title and author, too, so that other Teaser Tuesday participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teaser.

Okay, straight away I know this isn't "two sentences" but LOL you know I have a hard time with that rule so once again I beg your forgiveness *wink* Nothing beats starting the day off with a good SWOON session. Tane is the male hero of the book and I was firmly entrenched  in ALPHA male heaven with him. I chose "character" teasers this week to give you all a little glimpse of  him. Just try not to crash Amazon in your rush to get yourself a copy okay? ROFL Let the swooning begin :D


"Don't think this is over." He pulled back, his face hard with resolve, "I'll find you"
She met him glare for glare. "If you get yourself killed..."
"Go."  With one last kiss, he spun away and headed back to LEvet, but even with his back turned he felt the moment she disappeared. It wasn't the absense of her soft breath. Or the prickling heat of awareness he felt when she was near. It was the gaping hole in the center of his chest."  Wonder how this toughened warrior will react to realizing his lost his heart to a woman. Will he give in to it or will he fight it?
"Don't do this." She moved to stand directly before him. "Not to me."
He refused to meet her gaze. "Do what?"
"Pretend that it doesn't matter that you're treated like a leper by those who have no right to judge you." She reached up to touch the hard line of his jaw. "That you hide away from the world that doesn't want you. That you're so alone it makes your soul ache." Doesn't it make you want to find out how a powerful warrior like Tane would respond? Will he get angry and push her away for getting too close or will he make himself vulnerable and bare his soul?

And my personal FAVORITE *better get out something to cool yourself off*
"Expecting him to be angered by her blunt rejection, Laylah was unnerved when his lips curled in a smile of pure anticipation. Hauling her tightly against him, he spoke directly into her ear, "Now let me make this perfectly clear, Laylah," he whispered. "When we have sex it will only be after you have begged me to take you." *flushes and clears throat* Ummm curious to see what happens? *blushes harder* Wondering if he can back up that seductive swagger? *gulps* Man is it hot in here??? LOL
Thanks for being patient guys :D


Jennifer said...

Full choices, I like the different titles you gave each of the teasers. My TT:

Jenny said...

I imagine he can back that confidence up with some skills in the bedroom. Love all the little snippets, I can say just from reading them I'm a fan of Tane!

Heather said...

And to think it was freezing in my apartment only a moment ago. Excellent excerpts! Thanks for visiting! ( wasn't an alarm clock blaring, just an alarm. *g*)

smellincoffee said...

I can't remember the last time I restrained myself to two sentences. ;-)

Alice Audrey said...

Yep, sexy all right, but I'd be inclined to see if I could make HIM beg, if I were Laylah.

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

LOL I love "Sexy as hell Tane" *fans self*

BlackEyedDog said...

Great teasers^^
the first one's said *sniff*

here's my teaser:


Novroz said...

You always read more than 1 book and those are great teasers

Marg said...

Nice mix of teasers - I am intrigued.

My teaser is here

gautami tripathy said...

Sounds good to me!

Teaser Tuesady: Miss Hildreth Wore Brown by Olivia deBelle Byrd

Jessica said...

Whoa! Those were some steamy teasers!!

Here's my teaser

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

Oh,my gosh! I totally love your teasers! (Your intro and asides make me laugh, too!) Thanks so much for sharing!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

By the time we read all of these, this character is really "fleshed out"...LOL.

Thanks for sharing.

Here's mine:

(click my name)

Melissa said...

Oh good God! That last teaser...I need to go take a cold shower haha awesome choices this week! These were amaaazzzingg! :D

The Lit Witch said...

Great teasers! Thanks for stopping by my blog. For anyone else who's interested, My teaser this week comes from The Serialist by David Gordon this week. It's one of my favorite teasers to date.
Here's the link.

fredamans said...

I like the first one.

CMash said...

Sexy, hot teasers on this very cold day.

Alayne said...

Nice teaser. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

Christin said...

You always have such great teasers!

My teaser this week is from Fallout - also hosting a giveaway for this book :-)

Elysium said...

You always have great teasers :)

Mad Scientist said...

Those lips look like they are just looking for some trouble an gossip. Love 'em!

I'm doing the teaser hop... no one has stopped by my blog yet so I pulled out my best walking gown and lovely gold slippers to stroll along the path to knock on some blog doors and stop for a chat and spot of tea.

I really like your teaser :) Yes, the description is wonderful. And his eyes just dove down into me. I think I need to go unwind my knickers... Thanks!

I have a now have an Igor working for me at Mad Steampunkery & Book Reviews, & I currently have a giveaway that will end on the 10th.

Mad Scientist

Tribute Books Mama said...

Here is my teaser from Witchgrass: A Pipe Dream by Dave Wilkinson (Page 1):

Most gardeners hate witchgrass. Of all weeds it is one of the most persistent and adaptable. Any small piece of rhizome left in the soil can become an aggressive plant ready to take over the plot. Witchgrass is hard to pull. Roots are deep, and break off easily. Any part left in the ground will grow again. Farmers say the species isn't even good as hay, not as good as timothy or alfalfa. Some call it quickgrass.

Early New England colonists blamed evil people for this garden invader. In the seventeenth century villagers would speak this way:

"The surly woman living alone on her dead husband's estate. She goes into the woods and consorts with the Devil. Signs his book. Fornicates with him. Eats mushrooms. She and the Devil send witchgrass to harass the virtuous and the Godly. Let us hang this witch and seize her rich farm."

jlshall said...

Haven't heard of this one before, but those are all wonderful teasers! I can see how you'd have trouble limiting yourself to just one!

Lady Q said...

Nice! I like the "vulnerable Tane" teaser best! Thanks for stopping by!

Aisle B said...

The candy cane picture is very sizzling! My husband now wants me to carry a candy cane stick just like the picture.. THANKS ALOT!

Great teaser and Aisle B is still reading The Distant hours.... uncovering hidden secrets and tell tale signs of madness....

Julie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and reading my T.T. today. I thought I'd come to read yours too.

I like the "Determined Tane" the best but I thought this was a fun format to choose more quotes. Great idea! I know I love quotes and more is always a plus! Very fun!

Lori said...

I want to read this book. Havent gotten to the store to by it yet...hopefully this weekend.

Yvonne said...

Great teaser!

Mardel said...

"meetine him glare for glare" - yup, true love! :)

Eleri Stone said...

Hmmm, let's see...determined, vulnerable and sexy as hell. Yes, please.

Crystal ♥ said...

Hot damn, what a teaser!
Another one to add to my TBR list, Santa might have to come early with this one.
Thanks for stopping by =)

LMW said...

Totally awesome teasers!! Love any guy that can cause a good swoonfest!! Those are the best!

Kah Woei said...

Thanks for sharing. Very intriguing teasers. Definitely made me consider picking up the book myself.

Precious said...

Thank you for visiting! I like your teasers! They're sexy! :) Happy reading!

Deepali said...

Nice titles and commentary - thanks for visiting !
The really hard titles do get pushed back on my TBR lists too, but this one is a library book, and hence I have a deadline :)

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