Saturday, December 4, 2010

BIG news about Last Sacrifice !!!

YAY!! December 7th is right around the corner and I don't know about you but I'm absolutely giddy about it. I am so tempted to call off sick Tuesday so I can spend the entire day to read it all in one sitting but alas, in order to afford the book I need to work *sigh* don't you just hate that?

Anyway, scouting around I came across TWO things I thought people might like to know. I'm pretty sure you've all seen it but I'm squealing over here in excitement so no harm in seeing it all again right?

First, Richelle released Chapter One and you can find it HERE

Second, and I don't know how reliable it is BUT if it's true I'm pretty sure a huge WOOHOO will be heard around the world. Rumors have it that Richelle will be releasing a spin off series called Bloodlines. I tried to see if she'd announced it on her website but didn't find it. So take this with a BIG grain of salt ok? The news articles is found HERE

So there you have it. I can't WAIT to see what happens Tuesday - does Rose get saved in time? does Lissa become queen? Who set Rose up? and I want everything DIMITRI DIMITRI DIMITRI!! Oh yeah, BIG lust over here for that yummy Guardian!!

Hope everyone gets their copy ASAP and
happy LAST SACRIFICE Tuesday!!


Cem said...

It's true. Think Bloodlines is the title for the first book in the spin off series rather than the spin off series title, but I'm not sure. She certainly confirmed it as true on her facebook page yesterday though :)

Carissa said...

I cannot WAIT for this book! I'm sooooo glad that it's only going to be a few more days! I read the first chapter of LS (I couldn't resist) and it was awesome!

I have some mixed theories on who set Rose up. What I can't decide on was if it was one person or maybe a group of people.

Prime suspects include Tasha, and Danielle (Adrian's Mom).

Books for Company said...

l am stil to read a book by Richelle, l love the look of her books. 2011 l aim to read her books!
I love it when l book gets you excited!
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