Monday, November 29, 2010

NaNoWriMo - A Huge Success

28 days and 50,233 words later, I can finally take a deep breath and say...



To those who gave me endless encouragement and didn't laugh at my teasers :)
To those who made my day by asking to read the end result :)
To those who cheered me along the way and threatened to kick my butt when I was ready to quit :)
To those that kept me sane when after all night writing marathons I thought I was ok to function :)

So what's next?

Broken Promises is still in the process of being written. I've hit the half way mark and my goal is to follow the NaNo schedule throughout December so by the end of the month it should be finished. Once it's edited *draws in a HUGE breath* I'm going to look at getting it published *tries desperately not to swoon* and then start on book two in the series, Bleeding Hearts. *looks for a paper bag to breath into*

Wish Me Luck !!