Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting For Pay Day #4 (click title)

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Whether it's a new release or one that's been out for a while, come share the book you're desperate to read that has you impatiently waiting for Pay Day. Don't forget to include just why it has you so excited !!

I'm a huge fan of Marcia McClure and her books filled with sexy men and their delicious kisses. Imagine my excitement when I went to go check out the status of her new PIRATE book (yep yummy swashbuckling pirate complete with pointy sword) and found that the ebook version is out next week. As soon as pay day hits, I'm off to buy that book and don't be surprised if I disappear -  I'll be busy melting into a sighing puddle. So here's my WFPD this week

The Pirate Ruse
Marcia Lynn McClure / Historical Romance

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An instant before the sea swallowed her, Cristabel Albay gasped her last breath. She was certain it would truly be her last breath… Yet, mere moments later, her head broke the surface of the sea and she exhaled the breath she had been holding—the one that had not been her last—gasping for another.

“Do you swim, woman?” the pirate Navarrone growled.
“Y-yes,” Cristabel stammered. Her thoughts were muddled—for panic was her only ally. Yet, she was cognizant enough to know that her life was still in danger—not from pirates perhaps—but from the sea.
“Then swim!” the pirate growled. “If you want to live to see another sunrise, then swim for The Merry Wench.”
…She glanced up to the Chichester where pirates and British sailors yet battled. The Screaming Witch was already sailing, and Cristabel would rather have died than be the victim of the atrocities that would have met her aboard it.
Yet, to abandon one pirate ship for another? It was madness! Still, she could not fathom drowning—for drowning terrified her more than any other fate of death. Her only hope in surviving was to do as the pirate ordered. …She had heard tales of The Blue Blade Navarrone—tales of mercy. …Perhaps he would take pity on her… Thus, with no other venue to follow, Christabel began to swim—to swim for The Merry Wench and whatever fate awaited her there.

What are you waiting for?


LMW said...

Swoon! I LOVE Marcai and I LOVE pirates! Can't wait to read this one!!
The Delusional Diaries

Shiori said...

Oh hell yeah, gotta love pirates! :D

Lisa_sps said...

Sounds really good! I'm not very keen on Pirate stories but this sounds great

cheryl@bookaddict4real said...

"100 Years of Solitude" was recommended by someone on Book blog NIng. I am a cheap skate I am waiting for this price to go down on Amazon