Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Waiting For Pay Day #3 (click on title to open post)

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Whether it's a new release or one that's been out for a while, come share the book you're desperate to read that has you impatiently waiting for Pay Day. Don't forget to include just why it has you so excited !!

  After fighting the powers that be and being ADAMANT I wouldn't sell my soul to an e-reader, I finally caved and asked for one for my birthday next week. I figured with the money I could save by downloading the free and REALLY cheap books it would more than pay for itself. Add to that I just found out I can read my NetGalley requests on it and through using a certain software, I can reformat all the PDF books I'm sent to review so it can be viewed on the Kindle as well. Bye bye uncomfortable sitting with laptop and falling asleep only to wake up to the sound of that said laptop crashing on the ground. I've pretty much accepted its a useful tool and so long as I still purchase print books I've only corrupted my soul and not sold it. I put it here in Waiting For Pay Day because that's exactly what I'm doing. Two more days to go and it's as good as bought. So the first book I want to buy for it will be my Waiting For Pay Day as well this week. Kind of a two for one :)

DL Snow / Fantasy Romance

Marriage? No, thanks. She’d rather kiss a dragon. An Enchanted story.
All Prince Cahill needs to assume the throne is one simple thing: a wife. Except every virgin princess in the kingdom has turned up deflowered before the deal can be sealed. The very next maiden to cross this threshold, he vows, will be his bride. When she appears—injured, half-frozen and reeking of dragon dung—he holds to his promise and puts her to the final test to prove her worthiness. A test that involves a mattress and a pea. Breanna couldn’t be less interested in marriage, especially to a cocksure royal like Cahill. Since losing her family to a dragon horde, she has become the continent’s finest slayer—a job she doesn’t plan on giving up until the last dragon’s blood drips from her sword.Yet her sleepless nights are plagued with visions of Cahill doing wicked things to her untutored body. And when she fights at his side to repel a dragon attack, her visions become delicious reality. But Queen Eleanor, whose reign is about to end, has no intention of giving up her power. Not to Prince Cahill, and certainly not to some young upstart…

What are you waiting for?

Bite Me, Change Me, Corrupt Me
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Bite Me - Mencheres
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Change Me - Salvatore
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Corrupt Me - Noah
from The Nightwalkers series


LMW said...

Yay for the kindle!! That has got to be so exciting! I hope to get one someday too! Great WFPD! Mine is at:
The Delusional Diaries

Angela said...

Yay on the Kindle! They're so handy, I just love mine :D

Slayer sounds really good! Can't wait to hear how it is.

Check out my WfP pick here

Shiori said...

Great news on the Kindle! I hope to treat myself to one for Christmas - I figure it'll be worth the investment when it comes to all those digital reads! ;)

Jessica said...

Great news about the Kindle!

This book sounds awesome! I loooooover fairy tales especially ones that get retold, there was a whole YA line for them too. Read quite a few of them and they were good.

Do you know if this is just an ebook or will it be in print copy too?


Straylights said...

Gosh I've been debating about a Kindle for I don't know how long. I can get some free books on my phone but I don't know if I could get over not holding an actual real book in my hands! But now that they have the pretty black kindle out now.....hmmmmm

TheBookishSnob said...


I've had the debate as well and was adamant I would never own a Kindle and caved to put the app on my phone. I still don't think I'd be buying one if it wasn't that I could read my NetGalleys and PDF ebook I'm sent. I really don't reading off the laptop and hopefully this will take care of that. I love that I can get free books and I've found some great books by authors I hadn't heard of. I'll still buy print books because yeah, I'll never give up the joy of actually holding a book :)

Thanks for coming by

Lisa_sps said...

This book has something about a fairry tale that I right know can't remeber the name! Sounds great!
I really want a kindle too!