Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'd Like You All To Meet My Toby

I wanted to share with you all a photo of my little chi, Toby. He was such a beautiful little dog and was a wonderful surprise from my husband just under 2 years ago. It was really easy to fall in love with him and I loved coming home each day to loads of  little puppy kisses and excited tail wagging. He was an EXTREMELY patient dog because I'm known to put cute little shirts on my chis every now and then and each time I did he'd stand as still as he could with a look that said "Momma how can I be manly for all the other dogs when you insist I wear these shirts of yours" For all the time it took for me to put those suckers on, a few quick rolls on the floor and off the shirt would come, a look of triumph in his eyes. He was incredibly cheeky too. Trying to catch him took forever and he'd have me chasing him all over the house, crawling around on my hands and knees when he hid under the bed, always just out of reach. He'd peek out, I'd rush forward to grab him and I swear if a puppy could mwahahaha he would as he dart back under the bed. Then just as I start to get frustrated from all the running around and giving him my angry look, he'd dart out into the open, come to a complete stop and fall onto his back to show his belly, giving my this puppy dog eye look saying "Ohh  momma see how cute I am" *smile* He was a beloved dog, a cherished dog and now an incredibly missed dog. I hope they take good care of him where he is and they make sure to give him extra kisses because he liked those alot. I want to thank you all so much for the help you've been to me and through me to my family. Your kindness and support was a great blessing this weekend and I'll always be grateful. Thanks


Christina/Book Addict said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. :( My thoughts are with you!

Krystal said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear the sad news about Toby. It's never easy to lose a pet that you cherish (we had to put our family yorkie down last year - its extremely hard to say goodbye)

Take care - you're in my thoughts.

fredamans said...


Christie (The Fiction Enthusiast) said...

I’m so sorry for your loss. ((HUGE HUGS)) You’ll be in my thoughts during this difficult time.

Book ♥ Soulmates said...

I don't know your story but I'm sorry that you lost your doggy! It's funny because I also have a Chi named Toby and that 4-legged critter is the love of my life!

I hope that his new family (cause it sounds like you had to give him up) gives him all the love that you did!!

I don't think I'd have the strength to give up my Toby so {{Big hugs to you}}.

TheBookishSnob said...

Hi Isalys,

My poor little Toby died yesterday. I wouldn't have given him up for anything :(

Big hugs to your Toby. Our puppies really do take a huge chunk of our hearts we love them so much.

LMW said...

Such a sweet picture and story of Toby, Bel, I love it! My heart is with you as well as many hugs and kisses!!

Flippin' Fabulous- A Reader's Record said...

I'm pretty sure Toby was one of the lucky dogs out there and I'm pretty sure he knew it.

It's amazing how animals weasel their ways into our families and hearts. It is also amazing how they contribute to so many cuddles and smiles. You'll always have those memories with you... I know I still do and I still smile thinking of how my Murdy would jump at the snowflakes, cower at lightening, and how I strapped my backpack to him (hooked his leash around my stomach and then hooked the leash to the backpack) and I put some canned dog food in my red wagon when we had those earth quakes in los angeles in 89' and 91'. I refused to fall into the earth with out him and I refused to eat if he couldn't. The memories never die (and those are from when I was 6)

My thoughts are still with you and your family, girl.

Take care.


Kristina Barnes♥ said...

I'm so, so, so sorry to hear about Toby. :( I was really sad when I got your tweet. I didn't even know Toby, yet I'm really upset that he died. *hugs* I wish I could give you a real hug.

Reading your post made me cry. I don't know what it's like losing a pet (yet *knock on wood*), but just thinking about losing our lovable companions tears into my heart. It's unfair that he was taken from you at such an early age. But life is hardly ever fair.

My thoughts and heart are with you and your hubby. If you ever need me (shoulder to cry on, dummy to rant at), you know where to reach me.


AngelGoneMad said...

Hi Bel,

Thanks for introducing us to your loveable and gorgeous Toby!

I'm sure he had the best life a wee pup can get! I know how it feels to lose a pet but I am glad that you didn't go through all this alone!


Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm

Lyndsey said...

So sorry hun! Such a cutie too x