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Author Spotlight - L.M. Pruitt with Mini Blog

I am VERY excited to have L.M Pruitt, author of one of my FAVORITE new urban fantasy series, here as a guest on my blog. I only just discovered her two books, Shades Of Gray and Shades Of Desire  (both Jude Magdalyn novels) and if you've been anywhere near my blog the last few weeks, you've seen me use excerpts from them as my Tuesday Teasers. There's so much to share so let's get this party started (ugh did I really just say that?) by me sharing a little bit about L.M.

L.M. Pruitt has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. A native of Florida, with a love of New Orleans, she has the uncanny ability to find humor in most things, and would probably kill a plastic plant. She is the author of Shades of Gray: A Jude Magdalyn Novel, the first in the Jude Magdalyn Series. She is currently at work on Shades of Desire, the second novel in the series, as well as New Moon Rising, a new series featuring Cari Gravier.

As part of her book blog tour, L.M. has been sharing some amazing insights into her books and some interesting information about New Orleans. For those of you who visit me, here's what the author wold like to share with us ... take it away L.M.   (click on title for the blog post)

I kicked off the blog tour over at with a little story about the founding of New Orleans and vampires in the attic. Yesterday I talked a little about Jacque St. Germaine over on my blog, So let's all guess what today's mini blog will be about?

I'll wait while you guess. But you shouldn't need more than one or tow.

Today's New Orleans vampire legend/tale/warning focuses on the Carter brothers, John and Wayne. And no, I did NOT make that up, although my granddaddy was a huge John Wayne fan. The Carter brothers conducted their nefarious deeds in the 1930s, and they were nefarious indeed. (I like the word nefarious--it's like indubitably--it just rolls off the tongue)

One nice May day, a little girl about seven or so stumbles into the police station on Royal, claiming she'd been kidnapped and had just escaped. Oh, and that while she was chained to a chair, her kidnappers had cut her arm and drank her blood. Oh, and there were others being held there, too.

Since all of this was cause for concern, as well it should be the police had the little girl lead them to the building in question. Upon entering the blood red building (scout's honor--it's still painted that color today) and gaining access to the Carter brothers' apartment, the police found every bit of the girl's statement to be true.

Dead bodies, all showing signs of being drank from, were stacked up like firewood. There were four people strapped to chairs, one of them already dead. Of the remaining three--a woman, a young man in his twenties, and a teenage boy--all had been drank from at least seven times. Not a good number in traditional the vampire-drank-my-blood stories.

Well, that was enough for the police. When the Carter brothers came back from digging ditches (because that was their day job, natch), they were arrested, tried, convicted, fried like bacon, and buried in nameless graves. Funny thing, though. When those graves were opened up a year and a day later to make room for the next nameless burial, nothing was in the coffins. It looked like "they'd just gotten up and walked out."

The survivors? Well, the woman went into an asylum--voluntarily. She just "didn't feel right around normal people." The teenage boy was burned to death by his father because it was "the only way to save him." The little girl never had any problems--her and her family left town and were never heard from again.

The young man from a prominent New Orleans family? He ended up becoming a legend in his own right--but that's a different story.

One thing I LOVE about this author is how she brings these stories to life in her books. Having just finished reading Shades Of Desire and seeing first hand the legend of the vampires in the attic, it's safe to say that her next book, if it includes this story of John and Wayne, will be just as thrilling and just as addicting!

Part Two of this includes an interview and my reviews of
Shades Of Gray and Shades Of Desire

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