Saturday, September 25, 2010

YAY I've Been TAGGED!!

This is an international game of tag and I've been tagged by Romy at Lost In Stories. I have to answer some questions about myself so all my wonderful fellow bloggers can get to know me better and then I will tag four other bloggers so we can learn about them.

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4 Things That Are In My Handbag

1.  A notebook and pen - I'm in the process of writing a 3 part story and inspiration has the audacity to not wait until I'm conveniently sitting quietly at home. I'm the red van you see pull off the side of the road because an idea hits fast and I have no other choice but to stop and write it down. One trip I made with my family that should've taken an hour took close to two because I was constantly pulling over.
2. 3 different key chains filled with keys - I have my set of keys, my husband's set of keys (I drive him to work most days and so they end up in my bag) and a set to open the building where I work. One with a Garfield key chain, a clippy looking thing and a fluorescent pink butterfly.
3. A tiny bottle of body spray - I don't have the heart to take it out. It was the last thing my BFF gave me before she died.
4. A big bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol - I have a pain that hits HARD at random times so I carry Tylenol around to tide me over until I can get to hard stuff.

4 Things In/On My Desk

1. A 365 day SNOOPY desk calendar - I've had a HUGE thing for Snoopy ever since my dad bought me a snoopy dog cuddly toy when I was 5. I needed some comfort last November and my husband knowing that bought me the calendar. The cartoons CRACK ME UP
2. About 30 books in a messy stack - These are just some of the books I've bought that I think I'm going to read right away so never make it to the bookcase. I got "the look" this afternoon from my husband wondering when he can have his room back. I guess that's a hint.
3. A touch lamp - I'm a 34 year old woman who sleeps with a night light. I'm a big wuss when it comes to the dark and there have been nights I've been so sure something would grab me from under the bed that I wake my husband up and have him "escort" me to the bathroom LOL. For the sake of his sleep, he bought the lamp and it's left on low.
4. A box of Club crackers - I have no idea where they came from. Maybe the monsters living under my bed brought them in for a late night snack?

4 Favorite Things In My Bedroom

1. My husband - My husband's the fun thing in my room. I think I'll just leave it at that :p
2. My corkboard - I pin all my scribblings about what I'm writing there and at the moment its covered with Gerard Butler with all his yummy goodness. Thanks to photoshop he has long hair and presto - the inspiration behind one of my male characters.
3. My Chihuahua - I have two but Odie (my baby) spends most of his time lying by me when I'm reading or online and every now and then we sigh together. Him because he's maybe thinking of a lady chihuahua and me because I'm reading about yummy characters like Rhage. 
4. My hidden chocolate stash - I have amazing chihuahuas who perform outstanding feats on a regular basis. Did you know they can float to the top of my fridge, open up bags of chocolate, take about 5 and then float back to the floor. With those 5 chocolates they open them up leaving no teeth marks, then take them and scatter them under the bed of my 15 yr old. It has to be the dogs right? Well at least that's the story I'm given. Hence my chocolate stash.

4 Things I've Always Wanted To Do (but haven't yet)

1. Take a tour of Europe - I want to visit places like Italy, Greece, France and Spain. I want to soak up all the culture, look at all the artwork and visit all the great landmarks from history.
2. Write a book - I only just discovered this desire until recently because I honestly didn't think I could or that I should. I'd farted around on different story ideas for about a year but never got past 15,000 words. Thanks to my BFF and her cheerleading, I've taken the leap of faith and started to see it as a very real possibility. So we'll see.
3. Take my family and return to live in Australia - Unfortunately I just don't think this is in the cards.
4. Travel back in time - I've always been interested in history and what it was like to live in a different century. Ever since my addiction to Highlanders began, I've had this secret wish to go back in time and marry one. Preferably with a hunky alpha Laird who spent all day in a plaid with a VERY big sword. Its a very romanticized thought filled with pretty dresses and living in a Keep.  

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At The Moment

1. Reading - Silly question. NEXT!!
2. Blogging - Another silly question. NEXT!!
3. Watching Vampire Diaries - I have two words for you - Ian Somerhalder. Nothing beats one hour a week of pure, unadultared lusting and drooling. I'd love to kiss the person who cast him as Damon.
4. Working Out - I've been going for the last year to the local college gym to work out every day. I put on my scuzzy workout clothes (I'm not there to impress the muscle bound jocks),  grab a book and walk the treadmill for an hour. I love it.

4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head

1. Beautiful Ending - Barlow Girl
2. Russian Roulette - Rihanna
3. If I Had You - Adam Lambert
4. Theme to the Andy Griffith Show

4 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I hate bananas but love the flavor - Just the thought of eating one and my throat begins closing and I want to gag. Put banana pudding in front of me though and it's gone in 60 seconds.
2. I had a year long obsession with the Jonas Brothers - My poor poor husband had to endure a year full of sighing. I have no idea why it happened only that it did. It ended abruptly after I saw them in concert and Joe changed his hair style. Now it's Jonas Brothers who?
3. Vampires - Call it what you want but I'm kind of curious on what a vampire bite would feel like. Probably a sign that's I've read WAY too much paranormal romance but could you imagine??? Maybe I'll dress my husband up as one this Halloween and give him a pair of teeth *grins wickedly*
4. I'm a straw biter - Much to the frustration of my husband, any straw I drink through I bite and squish. I have no idea that I'm doing it but it's funny watching his face screw up when he goes to drink and the soda comes out funny. Bad thing is I can't take sneaky sips because I leave the telltale sign I'd been there.

Ok, the 4 bloggers I'm tagging are:

Casey @ The Bookish Type
Chazz @ Chazz Hart
Black Disaster Fairy @ Literary Day Dreams
Lacey @ The Delusional Diaries


Chazz said...

I already replied on my blog but thought I would leave a quick note here too....Thanks for tagging me. I wont get a chance to post my answers till tomorrow though as I am off to work for the night then again in the morning... Bring on tomorrow afternoon when I can actually relax!
But I will do them!


Black Disaster Fairy said...

Oh, fun! I'll get started on this and stop by with the link.

Black Disaster Fairy

Black Disaster Fairy said...

Happy Weekend,

Black Disaster Fairy

LMW said...

Fun! Fun! I will try to get posted this afternoon! :)

gaurav11 said...

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