Friday, September 17, 2010

Snoopy Dance Of The Week #3

I was standing there ironing my clothes for work just now when it hit me - I haven't posted my Snoopy Dance for the week. I started looking back over the week to see if there was anything I was excited about and it hit me. For the last two months I've been stuck on a major concern I had with the story I've been working on. I've been stewing on it, trying to look at it from all different angles but the answer has eluded me. I'm driving to work the other day, waiting to make a left turn, listening to the play list I'd made for the story and I had the thought "Belinda, sometimes the best way is to K.I.S.S" (keep it simple silly) BAM !!! The solution I'd been waiting for hand delivered itself and as a result, the next 4 scenes came so fast I couldn't write them down fast enough. So that my dance for this week!  What's yours?