Sunday, August 15, 2010

When A Kiss Can Mean So Much More

Not like we need any other reason than it drives us insane and melt our insides, but I was kinda goofing off on the internet and found this article called  5 Secret Benefits of Kissing Just thinking of the title had me imagining women all around the world grabbing their men, locking lips while the men scratch their heads wondering what the heck happened.  "But it's great for my health!" each woman replies. I say this - any excuse that let's me grab the man I want and throw him up against a wall for a hot steamy kiss is one I'm going to use. But just a warning, what follows may kill the mood. (click on title for more)

1. Boosts immunity - The article's writer claims that with all the germs people have in their mouths, all the spit that's being swapped is actually giving the person's body the opportunity to build the antibodies necessary to fight off disease and sickness. Kissing in the article is compared to getting vacinnated .

Ok I'm all for keeping myself from getting sick but honestly, when I'm in a wickedly hot make out session with my hubby - my body is thrumming, my toes are curling and I'm ready to pounce, the very LAST THING I want to be thinking OR reminded of is that it's a good thing his tongue's in my mouth because I get to have a "spit shot" What kind of mood killer is to have the sudden image of little soldiers antibodies marching with little needle bayonets? YAY for immunity but ICK for mood killing thoughts.

2. It busts stress - The article shares that in a recent study, kissing was shown to release a calming chemical into the brain that help you feel good and give your mood a boost. The article goes on further to suggest focusing on your breathing can also help reduce stress and tension.

I love this idea. The more hot and heavy the kissing gets, the more heavy breathing comes and this leads to feeling good and a release of tension. I'm laughing right now because it really didn't need a study to determine that. Humans have been proving this from the beginning of time. Two people get together and begin kissing. Hmmmm feels sooooo good. They keep kissing and soon they are panting, drawing in deeper breathes as the moment takes over. One thing leads to another and things start to feel REALLY good. There's a HUGE release at the end and each person finishes feeling relaxed and sated. Like I said .. didn't need a study.

3. It may ease allergies. The article shares that a study in Japan showed with 30 minutes of kissing, the production of histamine can help reduce sneezing and running nose symptoms associated with hay fever.

Well move over Claratin,Sudafed and Benedryl. Why take a miserable pill and run the risk of falling asleep when you can just pull aside the guy you have your eye on and spend a memorable 30 minutes swapping spit (remember those antibodies -sound of marching soliders) My only concern is this - During some sexy hot kissing, where you're both into each other and feeling the moment, what if both parties don't pay attention to the time (looking at the time is the LAST thing that should be thought of when kissing) How gross would it be if you mistimed it and stopped kissing at 29 minutes and when you pulled back, passion still stirring and suddenly you go into a  sneezing fit and shoot snot all over the hot guy? We seriously need more information about this.

4. It's good for your teeth The article shares that the saliva (surprise surprise) that is swapped, helps neutralize the acids which can cause decay and wash away food particles and cavity inducing plaque.

Good grief. Is anyone else a little grossed out by this. Here you were thinking that kissing was all seductive and erotically charged but it serves as nothing more as your mouths comparison to a car wash. Ewww to the idea that you could be kissing a hot guy and end up with parts of his lunch in your mouth. I've heard the whole swapping gum idea from a kiss but really? Ugh. Just a thought but what does this mean to those on diets and are watching their calories? Will they need to figure out the caloric intake of the kiss according to what the guy ate? All those Weight Watcher people out there frantically trying to figure out how many points it will be for a single kiss. "Sorry honey, I've only got 0.5 points left and to kiss you I need 2. Tomorrow?" (as a fellow WWatcher, all I can say is CRAZY)

5. It counts as a (light) workout The articile shares that kissing burns up an estimated 6 calories a minute and that you exercise approx. 30 facial muscles.

LOL When I saw this, the first thing that came to my mind was that this was just stretching before the "real" workout. The second thing I thought was if that workout was "light" , something is wrong and you need to go straight to your book shelves and pick up your favorite romance novel. STUDY it and then go back and give it another try. I guarantee it won't be no 6 calories a minute you burn :)

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Meg said...

Ha! Yes, I'd rather not thinking about how I'm getting a "spit shot" when making out with my boyfriend. Still, good to know! :)