Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Bookshelves Are About To EXPLODE !!

Today was my first time being a part of Waiting On Wednesday and I have to say I loved it. Unfortunately my bank account isn't going to feel the same and I'm probably going to live on ramen noodles FOREVER.  I added ALOT of books to my TBR list and my head is literally spinning, trying to put some kind of order to the madness and remember when everything comes out.

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Already my mind is trying to figure out  how I can get the books and think of convincing reasons why I "just have to have it honey" when I explain to my husband why we have no food and electricity. Not to mention how to keep him looking at my already HUGE TBR pile (if you haven't seen it, look at my last Book Blogger Hop) and reminding "Babe, don't you think you should read what you have first?" So, I've decided to take on a project (one that will no doubt consume me) and go to my Goodreads account and create a list of each book and when it comes out. If it doesn't drive me crazy (because my list is HUGE) I'll share it on here and hopefully it'll help someone out.

Oh gosh, this is a VERY scary thought, but just for kicks, I should total up the list and see just how much debt I'm going into. I just need to make sure my husband NEVER finds it because the intervention he tells me he's going to hold will end up with me having my book budget frozen and Amazon account deleted. Hahahaha I'd just like to see him try ** looks at husband with a cocky expression **

I'll keep you updated.


Book Crazy Jenn said...

EAK and I thought my TBR pile was nuts, though I dont have to justify it to a hubby, I do to my kids! LOL Though...they cant eat them, they can sure love them! I have the SAME problem with buying TOO MANY!

Lyndsey said...

I have just over 100 books on my Amazon wish list at the minute and I know there are loads missing that I want. God knows when I will ever get through all of them. Loads are 2011 releases though

Heather said...

I was wondering if you use GR to organize and keep track of your books. I have more of a TBR mountain range, and there are boxes of books not even listed (yet, heh) on my TBR shelf at GR. It can be interesting sorting through them occasionally. I am constantly finding titles and authors I forgot I had! *VBG*