Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's See A Show Of Hands

So I've been thinking (I know, pretty scary but it's all good I promise)On the Book Blogger Hop this week, twice I saw cool blog entries where the reader took their favorite book and came up with a dream cast for it. I can't begin to tell you how much fun that would be, and maybe even a tad frustrating because I'd want to be on the next plane toward the biggest production studio on the planet banging their doors down to show them how PERFECT the book would be for a movie. (wow that was a long sentence) My mind just races with all the wonderful possibilities and makes a quick scan of all the books on my bookshelves. Here's a list of some of the book series I'd love to see as a movie (and this list is BY FAR only what I can think of off the top of my head)

(click on the title to read the following rant *wink*)

1. The Of Witches And Warlocks series - Tell me you wouldn't want to see Vance Mangum in the flesh and if that flesh is Matt Lanter, pass out the drool bibs because it's going to get a little slippery.

2. The Vampire Academy series - I would be in HEAVEN watching Dimitri, especially when he's evil (I am a HUGE sucker for the evil bad boy) I'd change my name to TheBookishSnobROSE so he could look deep into my eyes and whisper "TheBookishSnobRoza" *hmm maybe I need to rethink that*

3. The Kate Daniel series - For those of you who've read it, MY GOSH let's say it together C-U-R-R-A-N. I get  the shivers just thinking about that hot up against the wall scene in the last book.

4. The Mortal Instruments series - I just finished reading book 2 and already I know I'd love to see Jace strut his stuff across the screen. I wonder if the actor would let me handle his stele?

5. The Night Huntress series - One word peeps, BONES. Enough said, thank you very much. Pass me the bloody popcorn :p

6. The Fever series - Thank goodness we have to eyes because one would be on V'Lane and the other on Jerricho (just need to make sure to tell the director not to have the actors cross over each other. Can you imagine the headache from spending 2 hours cross eyed? Most people would look away but this is V'Lane and Jerricho we're talking about)

7. The Dark Hunter series - I can see it now... Ash in all his sexy bad boy GLORY. Just think too, with the movie being a HUGE hit, it'll only be a matter of time before there's an Ash doll to buy (because seriously why would RobBARF Pattinson  get a doll and no one else) and then you can take him home and... wait a second. Sherrilyn Kenyon's already had a Ash doll made :D

* gasps and tries to take a DEEP breath* Sorry I get pretty excited about my book crushes (I know that's putting it mildly for those who hear this in person) I need to get a grip or I'm not going to be able to finish this rant....

Okay where was I?  *scrolls back up through the post* CRAP I totally forgot the whole reason for the post!!! I'm serious, there really was a point to the whole "Raise Your Hand" rant, honest. *SNORT* Well I guess it's a good thing I'm attached to my laptop because when I remember (probably at 2am out of a dead sleep) I'll make sure to post it. *shakes head*

I guess that's it... Happy Reading :D


LMW said...

Love the whole movie casting idea! I was just commenting on another site about it. What a fun thing to do!


LMW said...

You won an award on my page!