Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Headline: Matt Lanter Causes A Blush To Be Witnessed Around The World

When I woke up this morning, stretching out and refusing to move from my comfy spot in bed, everything seemed right in the world. That's when it hit me. Last night I had added a post on my Shrine page called "Who The Heck Is This Matt Lanter Guy?" and within about 30 minutes, THE Matt Lanter (one of the HOTTEST actors in the world) had not only visited my site and READ the post, but had then gone onto his twitter page and gave it "two thumbs up" It seemed like it was just a dream and that's when it hit me harder.

(click on title to find out)

Talking about dreams, although some may say it was a passing comment, I had revealed that I had dreamed of some pretty HOT make out sessions with Matt and that people wouldn't believe what he could do with his mouth. Seemed harmless at the time and truthfully, I wasn't really thinking it through. Well, I lie I did think a little because I was going to say what he could do with his tongue and that having him pushing me up against the side of a car was kinda hot but hey, that would be embarrassing for everyone to know right? (ROFL) So I was feeling a little embarrassed this morning (well actually the word I used was mortified) and maybe just a little thrilled. I went about getting ready for work, a slight spring in my step and thought nothing more of it. That's when the world started spinning out of control. Want to know what it feels like to feel the blush you had viewed all around the world? Well I now do and it was surreal. My site was FLOODED today with hits from all around the world. Tweets were retweeted, Facebook messages passed on and as the day went on, I heard of different sites mentioning my post. Like I said it was surreal. So why bring this up? Well first I wanted to say to Matt - thanks for the two thumbs up and that I hope it at least gave him a chuckle. Second I wanted to say that in order to make my mortification meaningful I would hope people would check out the Shrine and learn about Vance Mangum because he was after all the real reason behind the post. And third, and I think by far THE most important thing, is that I think this proved that the saying "Watch what you say because it just might bite you back in the butt" is undeniably true. But then again, if it's Matt who's doing the biting...  *snorts and slaps her forehead in the hope it'll knock some sense into her* ROFL there I go again. Will I ever learn ???

Happy reading :D


LMW said...

Ha ha! You just keep topping yourself don't you? LOL GREAT post! Congrats on all the recognition!;)

Flippin' Fabulous- A Reader's Record said...

Hahah Fabulous!

He is a fine looking guy isn't he? Yes, I believe I put him as the #1 *How could I have never seen him before today* list. I found one of his tweets retweeted by someone so I checked him out and I absolutely died. Yup. He is THAT good looking.

I have had VIP access to a certain band's shows (Only three) and one of the guys had been stalking my page and when I wrote that I was at the doctor getting tests and to wish me luck he actually DM'd me to tell me to feel better. Then wrote back and told me to make a happy face or a sad face on my twitter so he knew whether or not I was alright or not- he didn't want an extremely SANE fan to be in the dumps. I never addressed the tweet to him- or anyone actually.

It's the small things in life that completely make me giddy.

Did I mention only a few tweets before that one that I made an explicative joke about him? Haha- I'm pretty sure he saw it after one of his 'coded' tweets about things having to do with tongues. *GASP*

Congrats on the Matt Latner shout out! Gotta love it!

emilyandherlittlepinknotes.com said...

This is hilarious! Congrats and by the way I love your blog :)

Lyndsey said...

Very exciting business this isnt it?! Sooo amazing that Matt liked your post. I can only imagine how crazy you were going lol xx

Adriana said...

Haha! That is so awesome that he actually read it and even tweeted about it.

Jan von Harz said...

How amazing, I guess you just proved the power of the tweet. Great post.

Tiffani said...

Hi!!! *waves* Thanks for following me! I'm your newest follower :D

Book Sake said...

As Jan said...the power of the Tweet...ah-mazing!!!

Stopping by from the blog hop & following your fabulous blog as well!

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