Friday, July 23, 2010

So This Is What I've Learned

It's been a while since I've blogged because for some CRAZY reason life decided it wanted to shake things up a little. But they say that there are never any wasted moments where you can't learn something so after a moment of comtemplation this is what I realized I learned:
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1. Not admitting I did (because I'd have to explain how I managed it) but for arguments sake say that I did, after watching Vampire Sucks, I learned that Matt Lanter is obviously the BETTER choice for Edward than Robert Pattinson. If you put these two actors together, asked them to take off their shirts and stand in the sun, Matt would BLIND you and Rob would pop then pathetically fizzle out (that's after you laughed at his painted on 6 pack) My new found "Hmm Rob isn't as bad as I thought he was" attitude was swiftly crushed Matt was that AMAZING!! I'm not a fan of spoof movies but Vampire Sucks is HILARIOUS!! I'll never be able to watch Twilight/New Moon the same way again.

2. I learned that the whole "I'm only going into Barnes & Noble for one book" is just my pathetically poor attempt at lying to myself because honestly, who ever heard of a bookishsnob buying only ONE book. I walked out just a few minutes later with a big bag, trying desperately to hide it from my hubby. He took one look at the bag and with a smirk on his face said "Oh yeah babe, one book. Keep fooling yourself" I hid my head for the rest of the trip home.

3. I learned that when I open my laptop to write, the belief that "I'll just quickly look on Twitter before I start" is delusional and a VERY VERY VERY bad idea. For example, I got on my laptop 3 hours ago and instead of writing more of my story, I've spent that time writing tweets. You know you have it bad when you start talking like this "@husband So how was ur day 2day? Work was kinda slow & I cldn't w8 2 get home & C U. Wanna act out those bk scenes 2 night?" Not to mention when your first thought after that is "Phew said it all with 12 characters to spare"

I'm almost scared to see what I learn next :)

Happy reading

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