Monday, July 5, 2010

Ok ... Can Someone Explain To Me What Just Happened?

I scared myself this weekend and I'm still not sure what happened. I'm visiting with my BFF and we decided that we would brave the crowds and watch Eclipse. Everyone I've talked with shared that it was an amazing movie and was by far the best movie of the three. I was excited but I haven't been very quiet about my opinion of Robert Pattinson. I didn't think he made a good Edward and he just seemed to constantly be wearing what I've dubbed as the "constipated" look through the first two. I think what really sealed the deal was when I watched him in "Remember Me" and it kind of grew from there. So imagine the trauma felt, the sheer confusion, the speechlessness of walking out of the movie theater and thinking rather kindly towards good ol' Rob.
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I actually liked him and I'm left wondering - what the heck happened in those 2 some hours?Was I blinded by the sparkles? By the intensity of his golden eyes? By the the smirk that looked like sometime between New Moon and his filming of Eclipse he had had a good "cleansing", all look of constipation gone. I have no idea!! All I know is that I walked in a hater and walked out reformed. Well... maybe not completely reformed (because looking through his photos trying to see if he still had the same effect I realized it was this movie where he looks better) but still, there was a mighty change in attitude. He truly surprised me. I didn't think his acting was crappy, his face didn't look so angular (I've compared poster pictures and he looks WAY better in Eclipse) and I saw no "kissing like a dead fish". I really liked him.So what does this mean for me now? Who knows. Maybe it was being at a higher altitude? Hallucinations from the REALLY bad popcorn? The anticipation of seeing Taylor Lautner spend most of the movie with no shirt ? (and can you say YUM to that stomach?) I don't know but I'm interested in seeing where it'll lead me.


GABY said...

I agree! Not just with Robert, but everyone in the movie. They seem to be acting better....or maybe it was just because Bella didn't have something in the eye all the time, Edward was relaxed and Jacob had a normal/very hot body.

Jen said...

I agree as well. I think with all the additional jobs they've been picking up they have learned how to act a little bit better.
I still don't like Pattinson as Edward. He just doesn't do it for me or my minds-eye. I think someone like Chase Crawford would have been better.
Heard rumors of liberties been taken with Breaking Dawn & there's supposed to be a lot of skin. Just what I want to see in a theatre full of teenage girls. Oh well, I'll see go see it.